"Yee-hee-hee. It seems, somehow, you have managed to send the Ikana's wandering spirits into peace...But outside of Ikana...there are still swarms of wandering spirits with lingering regrets...The ones in this room want to meet you again and have been waiting here for quite a while. Go see them if you feel like it...I'm sure they'll welcome you. Yee-hee-hee!"
Ghost Hunter

The Secret Shrine is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is a cave hidden behind the waterfall in southwestern Ikana Canyon. The Shrine houses a mini-game of sorts, where Link can do battle with the first mini-boss from each of the four dungeons of Termina.

The entrance room contains several pots and bushes that Link can destroy to replenish various items, a pool of Spring Water, a number of Rupees suspended in the air, and a patch of Soft Soil, from which Link can grow a plant that will allow him to collect the hovering rupees.

The door to the rest of the shrine can only be opened with a Light Arrow. Inside is a relatively large cavern system consisting of four rooms located in the four compass directions, connected to a center room, where the Ghost Hunter is sitting. Strange ornaments not seen anywhere else, possibly masks, adorn the ceilings and walls in the Secret Shrine. These mask-like figures resemble a type of Majora's Mask in shape and appearance, but it is unclear if that is the purposed design.

The Ghost Hunter will allow Link to battle the monsters inside the four rooms. In order to battle the four monsters, Link needs to have obtained a certain number of Heart Containers denoted by the number of heart-shaped ornaments above each entryway. This is presumably to ensure that Link is up to the challenge, yet all of the enemies in the shrine must have been defeated earlier or Link would not be able to enter. The four battles are against the first mini-boss encountered in each of the four dungeons. A chest containing a Silver Rupee (worth 100 Rupees) will appear after each mini-boss is defeated. Once Link has defeated all four, he is rewarded with a Piece of Heart. The Ghost Hunter is also allowed to "pass on" from the world of the living.


Room 1: Dinalfos

Dinalfos, the enemies that guard the Hero's Bow in Woodfall Temple, are in the far left room. Four Hearts are required to enter. There are three Dinalfos in the Secret Shrine as opposed to the one fought in Woodfall Temple. They are easily defeated with the Great Fairy's Sword.

Room 2: Wizrobe

Wizrobe, the enemy that guards the Fire Arrows in Snowhead Temple, is found in the middle-left room. Eight hearts are required to enter.

Room 3: Wart

Wart, the enemy that guards the Ice Arrows in Great Bay Temple, is found in the middle-right room. Twelve hearts are required to enter.

Room 4: Garo Master

The Garo Master, the enemy who guards the Light Arrows in Stone Tower Temple, is found in the far right room. Sixteen hearts are required to enter.

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