The Seed Shooter as it appears in-game

The Seed Shooter is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Link can use any type of Seed as ammunition for this projectile weapon. It functions similarly to the Slingshot found in other games. It is found in the Moonlit Grotto, the third dungeon in the game.

While the Seed Shooter works similarly to the Slingshot in other games, it is also capable of firing in eight directions rather than four (this is done by holding down the button the Shooter is assigned to, selecting the direction, and releasing the button). When the Seed fired from the Seed Shooter hits a wall, it will ricochet up to two times. The Seed breaks the third time it hits something, unless it hits an enemy or a specific target on which it will break instantly.

By firing diagonally, the player can bounce Seeds around corners to hit targets that cannot be reached otherwise. This is required in various puzzles.