"Hya hya hya! You cannot see who I am, for I am your shadow!"
— Shadow Hag

Shadow Hag (影オババ Kage Obaba?, Shadow Crone) is the boss of the Moonlit Grotto, the third dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages.


The Shadow Hag has the ability to split herself into four shadows, which can chase Link around the room. Furthermore, she can summon butterfly-like bugs to attack Link. In order to defeat the Shadow Hag, Link must wait until the four shadows recombine. Regardless where Link is in relation to the single shadow, Shadow Hag will appear behind him. This means, he can efficiently kill the butterflies by swinging his sword over the single shadow while waiting for her. When she appears and charges at Link, he must fire a seed off the wall with the Seed Shooter to inflict damage. If Link looks at her after she appears, she disappears and reappears somewhere else. After Link destroys Shadow Hag, he gets a Heart Container and the Echoing Howl, one of the Essences of Time.