"If you jump while your shield is out, you can climb aboard it using (A). This will knock some durability off of the shield, but it's an effective way to travel downhill quickly!"
— In-game description

Shield Surf, also known as Shield Surfing, is a technique from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This mechanic allows Link to travel faster down hills using his a shield like a surfboard. It can be achieved by Link using the ZL button to raise his shield, jumping with X (or B if Change Jump Button option is switched to on) and then pressing A while in the air. Generally, Shield Surfing on sand or snow effects shield durability less than surfing on solid rocky surfaces.

While Shield Surfing Link can jump by pressing the jump button, perform a 360° spin by pressing the attack button, and after jumping while surfing pull out his Paraglider with his shield at his feet allowing him to continue shield surfing when he lands.

Shield Surfing is a popular sport among Hylians. Selmie is a legendary Hylian Shield Surfer in the Hebra province known as The Duchess of Downhill. Though retired Selmie runs a Shield Surfing mini-game at Selmie's Spot and rewards Link with various shields depending upon his time on the advanced course. Selmie also set up the Hebra Trailhead Lodge and left Selmie's Notes there to help prepare Shield Surfers heading into Hebra Mountains. Link also encounters several Hylian Shield Surfers along his travels. In addition to Hylians, Rito Shield Surf according to Selmie, though she notes they tend to cheat by flying. However, she also remarks that they are top level surfers based on completion time.

Gerudo utilize a different form of Shield Surfing called Sand-Seal Surfing which is unique to Gerudo Desert and involves Shield Surfing behind a Sand Seal. The Sand-Seal Rally holds Sand-Seal racing. Selmie notes Gerudo Shields have been designed to be surfable though is apparently unfamiliar with Sand-Seal Surfing.

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