"You got the Skull Hammer! Some enemies even get stunned by the shock waves it causes when you pound the ground with it."
— In-game description

The Skull Hammer is a weapon from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is obtained upon defeating Phantom Ganon during Link's return journey to the Forsaken Fortress. The hammer's head is shaped in the form of a skull, hence its name.

The Skull Hammer has two primary uses, the first of which is attacking enemies. Although the Skull Hammer deals a significant amount of damage, its great size makes swinging the hammer take a long time, which can lead Link's attack to be disrupted by this window of vulnerability. Additionally, the recoil disables Link's movement for a short while, thus making it not an ideal weapon of choice. Once the hammer strikes, it creates shock waves that can damage enemies within a small radius and stun nearby enemies. The Skull Hammer can also flatten most enemies if they are hit by an overhead swing (although this may not always defeat some of the stronger types), and nimbler enemies such as Miniblins can be sent flying if hit by a horizontal swing.

As an upside to the lack of flexibility of the Skull Hammer, it can kill certain enemies in one strike, such as Stalfos, which, when their heads are bouncing around, can be smashed to pieces in one hit; this, however, requires precise timing, when the hammer's reaction speed is taken into account, but can be more efficient if the head is stunned first with a boomerang. Any enemy smashed by the Skull Hammer while frozen from being hit by an Ice Arrow will be killed instantly, including Darknuts. However, since Darknuts break free of the ice nearly instantly, the hammer must be swung sideways to make the strike in time. If mastered, this method can greatly reduce one of the most threatening enemies.

The Skull Hammer's second primary use is to slam wooden or metal pegs into the ground. Doing this can either unblock Link's path or, similar to the effects of a switch, activate something. Oddly enough, if Link does a Spin Attack on a metal peg using the Skull Hammer, the peg will vibrate and make a sound, but it will not be slammed into the ground.

Non-Canon Appearances

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Hyrule Warriors Legends

The Skull Hammer appears as one of the Item Cards on the Great Sea Adventure Mode map.

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