Skull Woods is the third dungeon in the Dark World, and the seventh overall, in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It is located near the center of Skeleton Forest, in the north-western part of the Dark World.


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After acquiring the Hookshot, defeating Arrghus, and rescuing the Second Maiden, Link sets off for the third dungeon on his map, located deep in the heart of Skeleton Forest. Once inside the Skeleton Forest, Link obtains the Fire Rod, which he uses to reveal the entrance to the Skull Woods. After traversing the dungeon, he faces Mothula and frees the third of the Seven Maidens from her crystal prison.

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Skull Woods is somewhat unusual in that it has several entrances; Link must pass through part of the dungeon, exit to the Overworld, and then use another entrance to get to another part. Most sections of the dungeon are linked to each other, though the final section is completely separated from the others. The main treasure item found in Skull Woods is the Fire Rod, which is needed to access the final area of the dungeon. The boss of this dungeon is Mothula, a giant, vicious moth-like creature.




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