Sky Keep (空の塔 Sora no Tō?, Sky Tower) is the final dungeon of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.


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The Sky Keep is located directly under the Statue of the Goddess on Skyloft, but remains hidden until very late in the game. The entrance to the dungeon is revealed by inserting the Stone of Trials in the giant bird shaped stone. The spiral exterior of Sky Keep fits perfectly with the spiral grounds of the Sealed Grounds. This piece of land was raised from the surface, along with Skyloft, and is hidden from view, specifically because the Goddess Hylia was preventing Demise from obtaining the ultimate power the temple houses. Once the Sky Keep is completed, Link cannot access it since it has returned to its original state. Strangely, it contains Bokoblins, Moblins, and other monsters which have only been known to serve Ghirahim, despite the fact that Ghirahim's forces would have no way to access the keep.


A room control panel

The dungeon consists of eight square-shaped rooms that can be moved around like a sliding puzzle by using control panels found in certain rooms. When operating a control panel, Link cannot move whichever room he is currently occupying. Three of the themed rooms contain a piece of the Triforce, shown by a small colored triangle on the control panel. Link needs to obtain all three pieces of the Triforce to complete the dungeon. The rooms containing the Triforce pieces are accessed via portals denoted by the Marks of the Goddesses. Due to the nature of the Sky Keep, however, there are many possible ways to do this. The order in which Link collects the pieces does not matter.

Most of the rooms are themed around previously visited locations, aside from the unthemed antechamber. There are rooms themed after Faron Woods and the upper portion of the Ancient Cistern, the Earth Temple, various locations in the Lanayru Desert, the underground portion of the Ancient Cistern, the Lanayru Mining Facility, and the Fire Sanctuary. LD-003K Dreadfuse can be found guarding a Small Key in the room with the narrow walkway identical to the one on the Sandship, though with a background similar to the flora in the Skyview Temple. A Stalmaster guards the way to the Triforce of Courage in the room themed after the bottom of the Ancient Cistern. The Triforces of Wisdom and Power are found in the Lanayru Desert and Fire Sanctuary rooms, respectively. This dungeon is one of the few in the Legend of Zelda series that lack a boss, although the game's final bosses are battled shortly after the dungeon's completion.

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