"The finest swordsmith in Hyrule. As a young man, he was a great swordsman. He and King Daltus are friends and enjoyed a pleasant rivalry as youths."

Smith, often referred to as Master Smith, is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. He is the royal blacksmith and friend of King Daltus, as well as Link's grandfather. Smith lives in South Hyrule Field.


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When Smith was a youth, he and King Daltus fought to a draw in the annual Picori Festival sword-fighting tournament.

During the events of The Minish Cap, after receiving orders from his friend, the King of Hyrule, Smith forges Smith's Sword as the prize for the sword-fighting tournament. However, when the newcomer Vaati wins the tournament and opens the Bound Chest, releasing evil into the world, Smith's grandson, Link, is given the task to defeat Vaati and restore peace to Hyrule. Smith gives him the Smith's Sword to aid him in his quest. Returning to his home, Smith continued to forge swords.

If Link ever returns home during his travels, Smith asks him how he is feeling and tells him to use all of his items if he ever runs into a puzzle that he cannot seem to solve. Also, fusing Kinstones with Smith results in Link finding a bottle.

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