Snake's Remains is the second dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.


Snake's Remains is found within a cave in the Woods of Winter in central Holodrum. Once Link uses the Rod of Seasons to restore winter to the autumnal woods, he renders the dungeon inaccessible. In order to reach it, he must acquire the Shovel to dig to the entrance. This is accomplished by entering the chimney of a house belonging to Holly, who, after she realizes that he is not Santa, gives him the shovel so he can clear her walkway for her.


Snake's Remains is a dark dungeon with purple walls and floors. The dungeon is in the shape of a snake, hence its name. There are three entrances to the dungeon, two located on a hill above the main entrance. There is one room not shown on the map that contains a large number of Green Rupees, each one being worth a random one of four amounts: 1, 5, 10, and 20. These add up to over 100 Rupees. This is the only place in both Ages and Seasons where green Rupees can be found. This room can be accessed via a Weak Wall with a Bomb, though it has no cracks. However, the blocks on the floor of the room with the delicate wall form the shape of an arrow pointing to the section of the wall that can be bombed. The dungeon contains one simple side-scrolling area, containing one Thwomp and four Thwimps. A Business Scrub who sells bombs can also be found in the dungeon.