The Snow Realm, also known as the Snow Land, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. A region of New Hyrule, it is situated in the northwest section of New Hyrule. The Snow Realm is home to Anouki Village, Wellspring Station, the Snow Sanctuary, the Snow Temple, Slippery Station, Snowdrift Station, and the Bridge Worker's home. A large blizzard plagues the Snow Realm until after the Snow Temple has been completed. To get through the blizzard to the temple, the correct route must be found and followed, similar to reaching the Northwestern Sea in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Also, four Space-time Gates can be found in the Snow Realm. This is the only realm in which Mega Ice does not melt and fish do not spoil.


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After returning to the Tower of Spirits and obtaining the Rail Map of the Snow Realm, Link and Zelda travel first to Anouki Village. After helping the Anoukis, Link proceeds to the Snow Sanctuary to restore the rest of the Spirit Tracks. Then Link tries to proceed to the Snow Temple, only to find the area plagued by a large blizzard which blows Link straight back to where he came. It is only when Link locates Ferrus and finds the correct route that he can make it through the blizzard to the Snow Temple.

Later, Link returns to the Snow Realm to pick up the Bridge Worker and brings him to the Forest Realm where a bridge leading into the Ocean Realm requires repair.

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There are few inhabitants of the Snow Realm. Only one major race lives in the Snow Realm, and that is the Anouki. There are also a few human inhabitants, such as Ferrus and the Bridge Repairman.

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