"As you can see, Don Gero, the long winter has ended and spring has finally come to these mountains."
Frog Choir member

Snowhead is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. A region of Termina, these mountains are inhabited mostly by Gorons. Snowhead consists of three major sections: Goron Village, the Mountain Village and Snowhead Temple. In order to enter Snowhead, Link must first acquire the Hero's Bow from the Woodfall Temple and shoot the icicles blocking the entrance to Snowhead in Termina Field. He will also need to buy a Bomb Bag from the Bomb Shop in Clock Town or acquire the Blast Mask to blow up the large snowballs that are blocking the path to Snowhead.


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When Link arrives here, the mountain has been cursed with a perpetual winter by the mischievous Skull Kid. After Link helps the deceased Goron hero, Darmani, by playing the "Song of Healing", he leaves the physical world of Termina, and Link receives the Goron Mask, which allows him to transform into Darmani at will. Link then heads up to the peak, but due to high winds he has to play the "Goron Lullaby" to reveal Biggoron.

After the defeat of Goht, the masked boss of the Snowhead Temple, the winter ends and spring returns to the mountain, allowing Link to reach the Goron Racetrack and to conduct the Frog Choir in the Mountain Village.

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