South Hyrule Field is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. It is, as its name suggests, the southern region of Hyrule Field, and is where Link's House is located, which is also where Link's grandfather, Smith, lives.


South Hyrule Field is a large grassland with a river which runs through from Hyrule Town to the north, cutting through the west side. South Hyrule Field is the home of many important Kinstone fusions, one with Smith for an Empty Bottle, with a Forest Minish to prompt Syrup into selling Red Potions, and with Tingle to start off the quest for the Magical Boomerang. In the east of the region sits Tingle on a stump; in order to reach him, Link must fire the Cane of Pacci at a hole in the ground to flip himself up onto the high platform on which the stump sits. In the center of the field is Link's home, where Smith resides, making swords for the Vassals.

In the southwest of the region is a tree that can be rammed into with the Pegasus Boots to uncover a Picori Portal. If Link does this, he can use the portal to get into the home of a Forest Minish and fuse Kinstones with it. In the northwest is a bridge leading to the Western Wood, and to the right and below it is a bombable wall. Inside this wall lies a Fairy Fountain. If Link fuses Kinstones with the Stranger prior to entering the Tower, a portal will appear. If Link uses it, he can get into the Tower early and rescue Gregal from his possession by a Ghost.


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In the beginning of the game, Princess Zelda comes to Link's home in South Hyrule Field to ask him if he can join her at the Picori Festival. After Smith permits Link to go, Link follows Zelda through the field and into Hyrule Town.

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