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"An ancient machine designed to float over land. Use a Strong Attack to deploy the Spinner, and then follow up with various types of combos to turn your enemies' worlds upside down!"
— In-game description

Spinner is an alternate weapon moveset used by Link in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. It is described as an ancient machine designed to float over land. Its Strong Attack allows Link to deploy a separate Spinner which can be followed up with various types of combos to turn his enemies' worlds upside down. It has a Lightning Elemental Attribute and as a result generates electricity during certain attacks and combos. During certain combos and attacks, Link will equip the Spinner to his arm in order to deliver Spinner enhanced punches. During its standard weak point smash, Link summons the pillars from the Ook boss fight in Twilight Princess. During its Boss Weak Point Smash, Link summons a large Spinner rail pillar which he rides to the top in order to jump off and use to Spinner to deliver a powerful punch to the Boss.

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