Spool Swamp is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. This region of Holodrum lies on the western edge of the kingdom, directly south of Tarm Ruins. The third dungeon, Poison Moth's Lair, is found in Spool Swamp. The swamp also contains a Pegasus Seed tree and a Piece of Heart. Also, the marshy condition of the region attracts enemies such as Tektites and Goponga Flowers during the warmer seasons.

In the southwestern section of Spool Swamp there lies a portal leading to the subterranean country of Subrosia, which Link can only access with Ricky's, Dimitri's, or Moosh's help. This portal leads Link to a new part of Subrosia, allowing him to obtain the essence of summer for the Rod of Seasons, furthermore allowing him to enter the Poison Moth's Lair.

In Spring, the waters of the swamp become rapids, particularly around the small patch of land upon which the Piece of Heart rests. These rapids overtake the weeds otherwise guarding the Piece, but are quite difficult for Link to swim. Dimitri can help with this if Link acquires his flute.

Also, the cave in southeastern Spool Swamp is the location of the Square Jewel. This is changed in a Linked Game.


Spool Swamp