Subrosia is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Subrosia is a subterranean lava world located beneath Holodrum. Subrosia is connected to Holodrum through a number of vortex-like "portals".

The fire-resistant inhabitants, Subrosians, can access all parts of Holodrum from their land via portals found in Subrosia. The only way for outsiders to enter is by means of one of the well hidden portals.

Points of Interest

Temple of Seasons

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A temple that was once located in Holodrum. In the chaos of the seasons caused by General Onox, it sunk into the ground and consequently, to Subrosia. The Rod of Seasons is obtained here, as well as the four Season Spirits with which to empower the rod. Link must return to this temple four times in order to complete the quest.

Subrosian Dance Hall

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A popular Subrosian attraction, if Link dances well, he will receive the Boomerang, several random prizes, and eventually a Strange Flute, later identified as Dimitri's Flute.

Sword & Shield Maze

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To the farthest northwest is the last main dungeon before Onox's Castle. Inside Link can find the Hyper Slingshot and a Heart Container from the boss, Medusa Head. After completion, Link collects the final Essence of Nature.

Subrosia Market

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The Subrosian Market is located almost exactly in the center of Subrosia. Using Ore Chunks and various Seeds as currency, Link can purchase numerous items, including a Piece of Heart, Member's Card, Rosa's Ribbon, Seed Rings, and Gasha Seeds.

House of Pirates

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To the southwest is a house full of Piratians and their captain. It is their temporary home until Link retrieves their bell, allowing them to escape.

Subrosian Smithy

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Subrosia's Blacksmith is run by the Master and his apprentices. During the game, the Master will repair the Rusty Bell, as well as Upgrade Link's Shield to the Iron Shield.

If Link brings a secret from a Linked Game, the Master will upgrade Link's Iron Shield to the Mirror Shield as a reward.

Subrosia Seaside

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There is a beach in southern Subrosia boarding a lava filled sea. It his here that Link can find the Subrosian Rosa and dig up Star-shaped Ore using his Shovel.


Due to its frequency, Subrosians use Ore Chunks to trade with. They can be found by chopping down bushes or digging up the ground. At the Subrosia Market, the ore chunks can be used to buy Gasha Seeds, Hearts, and other things.


The word Subrosia stems from the expression sub rosa which means "Under the rose" in Latin. It typically represents the old custom of placing a rose over a doorway to indicate a secret meeting.