Sunken City is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. This city is located in mid-eastern Holodrum, north of the Woods of Winter, east of the Great Moblin's Realm and south of Mt. Cucco. Just outside the city limits is the Moblin's Keep, where the evil Great Moblin demands a toll from passers-by.

Dimitri is found in Sunken City, unless he is met previously. Interestingly, Dimitri is the only one of the partners who can enter Sunken City. Ricky refuses to enter the city, as it "smells like medicine," and Moosh panics and leaves Link when he sees all of the water in the city. Syrup can also be found here, but her shop is only accessible in the winter.


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When General Onox captures Din, the Oracle of Seasons, he ultimately throws the seasons of Holodrum into chaos. Due to the instability of the seasons, the snow on top of Goron Mountain melts and floods the city, whose name prior to the flood is unknown.

Link passes through here on his quest to obtain the eight Essences of Nature and defeat General Onox. In the Sunken Falls, he meets the Master Diver and becomes his apprentice. After successfully completing his test, Link is given the Zora's Flippers, allowing him to dive through an underwater cavern to the foot of the nearby mountain. After Link defeats the Great Moblin and destroys his keep, the Great Moblin retreats to Sunken City, where he makes bombs.

In a linked Oracle of Seasons, Queen Ambi of Labrynna arrives at the Sunken City due to a soul-searching journey done by Nayru under Ambi's request. During this time, she becomes inspired to sink her own palace in the same fashion as the Sunken City.

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Points of interest

Sunken Falls

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Consisting of two waterfalls in the northern part of the city, Sunken Falls is home to the Master Diver. Link is rewarded with the Zora's Flippers after completing the Master Diver's test.

Syrup's Potion Shop

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Accessible only in the winter, Syrup's Potion Shop is owned by Syrup, assisted by her granddaughter, Maple. Syrup's Potion Shop sells several wares, including Gasha Seeds, a Piece of Heart, and, after trading a Mushroom to Syrup for the Wooden Bird, Magic Potions.


Sunken City