"The closer the Black Tower gets to completion, the stranger this city gets. When the Tuni Nut broke, the city fell out of balance, and the volcano started erupting. The Tuni Nut is the city's symbol. We dutifully worshipped this nut. The rules of Symmetry City require that left and right be in perfect balance! But the Tuni Nut at the center of the city is broken! Symmetry City is all out of balance. If we don't get the Tuni Nut fixed and put back, Symmetry City will be destroyed by the eruptions."
— Citizen of Symmetry City

Symmetry City is a town in Labrynna from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Symmetry City is located in north-western Labrynna. It is bordered on the south and west by Talus Peaks. To the east are the Nuun Highlands or Ambi's Palace in the present and past ages, respectively. In the northern area of the city lies the Skull Dungeon, situated inside a volcano.


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Everything in the city is symmetrically placed, hence the name. The Tuni Nut is necessary for the city's symmetry to remain balanced. In the present, the city is completely destroyed, due to the fact that the Tuni Nut has been broken. The inhabitants of the city cannot go to fix the Tuni Nut, because doing so would upset the balance of symmetry in the city, as one of the eruptions injured one of the inhabitants. Link travels into the past age and is asked by the inhabitants to take the nut to Patch to be repaired. Link successfully restores it and is allowed to travel into the Skull Dungeon. In the Present, the city becomes peaceful after the Tuni Nut is repaired.

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