Talus Peaks is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. They make up the most northwest region of Labrynna. Symmetry City can be found to the northeast, Nuun Highlands and Ambi's Palace can be found farther east, and the Fairies' Woods and Deku Forest make up the southern border.

Link must climb the Restoration Wall in the Past in order to meet Patch who can restore the broken Tuni Nut that Link obtained in Symmetry Village. Link can later return with the Broken Sword which Patch can fix making it either the Noble Sword or the Master Sword.

In the Past, if Link talks to Tokkey, he will be taught the Tune of Currents, allowing him to return to the Present at any time without a time portal. Tokkey can be found by navigating the underwater tunnel in Talus Lake at Coordinate B,1.

If Link throws a Bomb into the pond located in the southern section in the present a fairy will appear asking him if he threw in a Gold Bomb or a Silver Bomb. If Link tells the fairy he threw in a regular bomb he will be rewarded with a Bomb Capacity Upgrade for his honesty. However, if Link tells the fairy he threw in a Gold Bomb or a Silver Bomb, his health will be reduced to one heart or his Bombs will be all taken away, respectively.