The Tarm Ruins is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. This ancient, jagged region is found in northwestern Holodrum, west of the Northern Peak, east of the Lost Woods, and north of Spool Swamp. It is also the location of the Ancient Ruins, the sixth dungeon of the game; however, it is only accessable after traversing the Lost Woods. To reach the Tarm Ruins, Link must have obtained the Pyramid Jewel, Round Jewel, Square Jewel and X-Shaped Jewel. After placing each jewel in its corresponding impression on the wall, the gate to the ruins opens.

A notable thing about Tarm Ruins is that in the southern part of it, the colors the scenery takes at different seasons change slightly; in winter, spring and summer, the scenery is dimmer than normal. In autumn, however, instead of the colors being dimmer than normal, the trees turn a shade of pale purple. Also, the screen right north of the gate has four objects affected by the seasons: the flower that shoots Link onto higher ground in spring, the vines that grow in summer, the mushroom that grows in autumn, and the tree that shrivels up in winter. The Golden Lynel also roams the Tarm Ruins in winter.


It is possible that the name "Tarm Ruins" comes from the German word turm, meaning tower. This could be referring to the Ancient Ruins, a tower on the mountain's peak.


Tarm Ruins