"That Phantom is still here... Let's follow Anjean's instructions. We have to grab all three Tears of Light without letting the Phantom see us. I can tell it means business, so we have to be brave!"
Princess Zelda

Tears of Light (光の雫 Hikari no Shizuku?, Drop of Light) are items from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. These yellow items, shaped like crystallized drops, are found within the Tower of Spirits. When three Tears of Light have been collected, they power up Link's sword, allowing him to stun Phantoms, which can then be possessed by Princess Zelda.

Tears of Light sometimes appear in small pits of lava. When this occurs Link must use the Whirlwind to blow them out of the pits. They can also appear in Safe Zones. Most of the time about one out of three will require a switch, the whirlwind, etc. to retrieve it.

If Link exits a section of the Tower of Spirits after collecting the Tears of Light (either by returning to the central staircase or entering a room containing a Rail Map), or if the game is turned off after collecting the Tears, the sword's power is lost and the Tears must be gathered again if Link wishes to take control of another Phantom. Once the Lokomo Sword is acquired, Link does not need to collect any more Tears of Light, as the Lokomo Sword can stun a Phantom without their use.

Tears of Light appear in the Dark Realm, and are used to temporarily make the Spirit Train invincible, allowing Link to destroy Armored Trains by running into them. While a Tear of Light is in effect, Link can significantly increase the train's speed by blowing the train's whistle.