This article is about the Phantom Hourglass dungeon. For the dungeon from Ocarina of Time, see Fire Temple. For the dungeon from Spirit Tracks, see Fire Temple.

"Now make haste to the Temple of Fire on the summit of this island. There you must defeat the power of darkness that haunts that place. You will then find what you need to open the path that lies ahead of you..."

The Temple of Fire is the first dungeon from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. When Link successfully overcomes the challenges of the temple, the Spirit of Power, Leaf, will join him on his quest.


The Temple of Fire is located on the Isle of Ember, near the summit of the volcano. As such, the dungeon contains dangerous lava and fire. It is only accessible through a door that only Astrid can unlock. Once she is saved, Link moves on to the temple.


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Link travels to the Isle of Ember to seek out the fortune-teller, Astrid. After saving her, she tells his fortune, informing him that he must defeat the evil inside the temple.

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The dungeon is surrounded by fire and mainly linear, with few surprises. Most puzzles revolve around using the newly found Boomerang to hit switches. Strangely, the boss chamber and the area outside the boss chamber both have the symbol on Agahnim's robes, which also resembles the Sheikah emblem, in them somewhere.