For the dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, see The Ice Temple.

The Temple of Ice is the sixth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. It is located on the Isle of Frost; however, it is situated within the territory of the hostile Yooks and as such, it is difficult to access.The temple is unreachable before Link discovers the imposter Yook, disguised as an Anouki and living on their side of the island. The temple contains ice enemies such as Ice Keese and Ice Bubbles. Its main item is the Grappling Hook and its boss is Gleeok, a two-headed dragon who guards Azurine, one of the Pure Metals needed to reforge the Phantom Sword.

Players who are impatient to acquire the Grappling Hook can clear this dungeon before completing the fifth dungeon. In order to bypass the colored pegs at the start of the dungeon, a player usually uses Bombchus. However, players can stand in between the two walls of pegs and draw a boomerang path that trips the nearby switch, then makes a long loop back to the switch. After the switch is tripped for the first time, blocking both exits, the player must run north past the line of pegs. As the Boomerang loops back to the switch for a second time, the pegs blocking the path onward lower, allowing access to the rest of the dungeon.


As its name implies, this dungeon is ice-themed, although fire is also quite common, being its antithesis. Icicles frequently block the way to important places, and Link must solve certain puzzles to melt them A Yook is fought inside here, and after his defeat, Link obtains the Grappling Hook, an item with multiple purposes. He uses this in conjunction with the wooden pegs around the temple to clear his way forward. He can latch onto them and pull himself toward them, create a tightrope to move across chasms, and even use it as a slingshot to reach high ledges.