"The temple entrance stops gusting only when windmills have had their fill."

The Temple of Wind is the second dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. This temple is located on the Isle of Gust.


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After retrieving the Northwestern Sea Chart from the Temple of the Ocean King, Link travels to the Isle of Gust in the Northwestern Sea. Inside the dungeon, Link obtains the Bomb Bag and encounters Cyclok, the dungeon's boss. He uses his newfound Bombs to defeat Cyclok, rescuing Neri, the Spirit of Wisdom, one of the Three Spirits.

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This dungeon's main feature is the constant gusts of wind spread throughout. In order to survive, Link must both avoid them and use them to his advantage; such as by gaining a boost from a gust or moving objects using skyward geysers. The dungeon also boasts several Bomb-themed puzzles in which Link must either use them in coordination with the winds, breaks in patterns, or other bombs in order to blow new passages open. Several other puzzles are installed, such as a Sandworm infested room, several orb puzzles, and the usual seal-in enemy rooms.

It is interesting to note that, unlike many other dungeons in the game, the puzzles in this dungeon are almost identical to the island, as the wind, bomb and Sandworm elements are all present on the Isle of Gust.