This article is about the multi-purpose wristwatch by Nelsonic. For the Game & Watch LCD game made by Nintendo, see Game & Watch: Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda Game Watch

The Legend of Zelda Game Watch is a multi-purpose wristwatch produced by Nelsonic which contains a LCD game based on the original The Legend of Zelda and included such familiar foes as Aquamentus and Keese. However, it was considered not up to par with the Zelda Game & Watch game because the screen was too small to reasonably allow much strategy or movement. The playing area was even smaller than that of the Game Boy titles in the series. The watch came in black, red, white, and the unusual choice of pink, which is claimed to be rarer than the others.

The game consists of eight dungeons with four rooms each. In each room, Link has to collect a sword and/or a Boomerang to beat his foes. As a reward, he gains a key to the next room. Though when entering it, he loses his found items and has to recollect them. The last two rooms of every dungeon also have a heart to replenish Link's health. Once all the enemies in the fourth room are dealt with, Aquamentus, the dungeon's boss, appears. To defeat him, Link has to collect a bomb and place it in front of Aquamentus. Following his victory, a Triforce Shard appears, allowing him access to the next dungeon.