Thieves' Town is the fourth dungeon in the Dark World, and the eighth overall, in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It is home to the infamous Blind the Thief, and its main item is the Titan's Mitt. Thieves' Town is located in the Village of Outcasts, the Dark World equivalent of Kakariko Village. The main entrance is inside a Gargoyle Statue, opened by pulling on its trident. The statue is located at the Dark World equivalent of the Weathercock.


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During his quest to free the Seven Maidens, Link finds a peculiar Gargoyle Statue in the Village of Outcasts. By pulling the giant trident that the Gargoyle Statue holds, Link opens the entrance to Thieves' Town.

Inside, he meets a seemingly innocent girl who has been locked inside a prison cell. If he brings her into a room filled with sunlight, the girl will reveal herself to be Blind the Thief in disguise. After a fierce battle, Blind is defeated, and Link rescues the fourth Maiden.

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The dungeon features Dairas as the main enemies, and Blind himself functions as the boss. There are only three floors, but the main floor is very vast and maze-like. Several walls and floors can be destroyed in order to shine sunlight to different areas of the dungeon, which is the key to revealing Blind's true identity.





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