The Tiger Scrolls are quest items from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Eight in all, these are given to Link by the Blade Brothers and are stored on the Quest Status Subscreen. These scrolls serve both as a diploma for having learned a sword technique, as well as a means for Link to check how to perform a skill if he has forgotten it. The eight techniques are: the Spin Attack, the Sword Beam, the Dash Attack, the Peril Beam, Rock Breaker, the Roll Attack, the Down Thrust and the Great Spin Attack. They all have different prerequisites for Link to be able to learn them (such as the Peril Beam being accessible only after the Flippers are acquired, and the Down Thrust requiring the Roc's Cape), but do not need to be learned in any particular order, with the exception of the Great Spin Attack, which can only be learned once all the other scrolls have been obtained.

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