The Tingle Bomb as it appears in-game

Tingle Bombs are items from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. These special bombs are used by Tingle when a Game Boy Advance is connected to the Nintendo GameCube via a Game Boy Advance/GameCube cable. Using the Game Boy Advance to control Tingle, the bombs can be dropped from the air via Tingle's balloon, or simply detonated on the spot. Each Tingle Bomb costs 10 Rupees. With the help of the bombs, Link can access new areas and blow up things normally out of his reach, sometimes yielding rewards, such as Rupees or Tingle Statues. Despite this, Tingle will not blow up anything that would cause Link to access an area of the game he is not currently able to reach, explaining to Link that "Tingle Bombs cannot buy happiness." When used while the cursor is on Link, Tingle will warn him to run and the bomb will explode after a time limit instead of detonating instantly.

Non-canonical appearances

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Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

Tingle Bombs are one of the items that Tingle can make from recipes. This recipe requires two Bomb Fruit, two Gelatine, and two Explosive Claws. They can be used to blow up Weak Walls and small cracked rocks.

Hyrule Warriors

Tingle Bombs are dropped by Tingle during certain combos as part of his Balloon moveset.

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