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I'm not so new here. I know a lot about coding, how things go around here, although I'm still learning(never stops eh?) almost daily. I'm an admin/b'crat here, so I can handle all vandals or major concerns here or anywhere else you may find me, typically the shoutbox(this was written when there still was a shoutbox, it was sad to see her go, to be sure). If you want to chat, I'd recommend skyping me at sudden_impact7 I also don't respect people who make jokes at other people's expense, racist statements or anything that is offensive to a group of people, and rudeness. If I catch wind that anyone has done any of those, they will hear about it from me. Generally if you are not a d-bag, we won't have any problems in this town.

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Ccbermanzzpedia – We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it--Preamble of the Declartion of Independence
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A Notice to Myself

CC, follow these instrucktions very closely. After you have gotten rid of the Twilight in Lanayru Provience, but before you go to the Lakebed Temple, go to Telma's Bar and go through. This is were The Group should be if you remebered properly, and they should be hostile towards you. Write Down What They Say. And put it onto the Resistance pages and all there pages. 20:34, October 4, 2009 (UTC)

^I shall keep this notice as testament to my laziness. It may be the only honest thing on this page. Also, Oasis is terrible on the eyes.-- C2 / CC 04:09, November 23, 2012 (UTC)


Below is Triforce 14's usefuls. Thanks!

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|prefix    = 
|subject   = 
|game      = 
|licensing = 
|type      = 


== Summary ==
The [[Thing]] from ''[[The Legend of Zelda]]''
== Licensing ==
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda TYPE Images]]


== Summary ==
The [[Thing]] from ''[[Zelda II: The Adventure of Link]]''
== Licensing ==
[[Category:Zelda II: The Adventure of Link TYPE Images]]

For linking files to pages:



(<u>''GAME''</u>)<br />THING<br />

{{clr}}    (bumps next line of text below any infobox or image)

{{clrl}} (bumps next line of text below any infobox or image to the left of the page;
           disregards any image or infobox to the right)

{{clrr}} (bumps next line of text below any infobox or image to the right of the page;
           disregards any image or infobox to the left)


{{Infobox Character
|name        = 
|image       = 
|caption     = 
|firstgame   = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: GAME|GAME]]'' ([[YEAR]])
|games       = 
|titles      = 
|gender      = 
|homeland    = (<u>''GAME''</u>)<br />THING<br />
|hometown    = (<u>''GAME''</u>)<br />THING<br />
|kindred     = 
|race        = 
|alt_forms   = 
|alt_form_of = 
|age         = 
|groups      = 

{{Infobox Console
|name            = 
|logo            = 
|image           = 
|caption         = 
|manufacturer    = 
|type            = 
|released        = 
|media           = 
|input           = 
|predecessor     = 
|successor       = 

{{Infobox Dungeon
|name      = 
|image     = 
|caption   = 
|location  = 
|game      = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: GAME|GAME]]'' ([[YEAR]])
|item      = 
|mini-boss = 
|boss      = 

{{Infobox Enemy
|name      = 
|image     = 
|caption   = 
|firstgame = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: GAME|GAME]]'' ([[YEAR]])
|games     = 
|found     = (<u>''GAME''</u>)<br />THING<br />
|attack    = 
|weapon    = 
|eweapon   = 
|life      = 
|spoils    = 

{{Infobox Event
|name            = 
|image           = 
|caption         = 
|firstgame       = 
|games           = 
|country         =
|region          =
|occurrence      =  
|purpose         = 
|characteristics =

{{Infobox Item
|name      = 
|image     = 
|caption   = 
|firstgame = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: GAME|GAME]]'' ([[YEAR]])
|games     = 
|found     = (<u>''GAME''</u>)<br />THING<br />
|use       = 
|eagainst  = 

{{Infobox Location
|name               = 
|image              = 
|caption            = 
|firstgame          = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: GAME|GAME]]'' ([[YEAR]])
|games              = 
|country            = (<u>''GAME''</u>)<br />THING<br />
|region             = (<u>''GAME''</u>)<br />THING<br />
|terrain            = 
|climate            = 
|points of interest = 
|people             = 

{{Infobox Mask
|name      = 
|image     = 
|caption   =
|game      = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: GAME|GAME]]'' ([[YEAR]])
|power     = 

{{Infobox Minigame
|name         = 
|image        = 
|caption      = 
|firstgame    = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: GAME|GAME]]'' ([[YEAR]])
|games        = 
|found        = 
|objective    = 
|prize        = 
|proprietor   = 

{{Infobox Shop
|name        = 
|image       = 
|caption     = 
|firstgame   = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: GAME|GAME]]'' ([[YEAR]])
|games       = 
|location    = 
|wares       = 
|owner       = 
|employees   = 

{{Infobox Skill
|name         = 
|image        = 
|caption      = 
|firstgame    = 
|games        = 
|learned      = 
|purpose      = 
|requirements = 

{{Infobox Song
|name      = 
|sample    = 
|firstgame = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: GAME|GAME]]'' ([[YEAR]])
|games     = 
|learned   = 
|power     = 

{{Infobox Fighter
|name        = 
|image       = 
|caption     = 
|series      = 
|debut       =  
|games       =
|weapons     =  



''[[The Legend of Zelda]]'' ([[1987]])
''[[Zelda II: The Adventure of Link|The Adventure of Link]]'' ([[1988]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past|A Link to the Past]]'' ([[1992]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening|Link's Awakening]]'' ([[1993]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time|Ocarina of Time]]'' ([[1998]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask|Majora's Mask]]'' ([[2000]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages|Oracle of Ages]]'' ([[2001]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons|Oracle of Seasons]]'' ([[2001]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords|Four Swords]]'' ([[2002]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker|The Wind Waker]]'' ([[2003]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures|Four Swords Adventures]]'' ([[2004]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap|The Minish Cap]]'' ([[2005]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess|Twilight Princess]]'' ([[2006]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass|Phantom Hourglass]]'' ([[2007]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks|Spirit Tracks]]'' ([[2009]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword|Skyward Sword]]'' ([[2011]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds|A Link Between Worlds]]'' ([[2013]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes|Tri Force Heroes]]'' ([[2015]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild|Breath of the Wild]]'' ([[2017]])

''[[Hyrule Warriors]]'' ([[2014]])
''[[Hyrule Warriors Legends]]'' ([[2016]])


[[Category:The Legend of Zelda]]
        *-Character Images
        *-Enemy Images
        *-Item Images 
        *-Location Images
[[Category:Zelda II: The Adventure of Link]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes]]
[[Category:The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]]

[[Category:Hyrule Warriors]]
[[Category:Hyrule Warriors Legends]]

Random Factoids


  • My real name shall never be given. I will tell you that I won't tell you anything more.
  • My real location in the universe shall never spoken about. Thankfully sounds don't come out of my mouth as I type, so I might tell you what state of the USA I'm in if you ask.
  • I'm not the most serious of serious gamers, but I do play many-a-game and here are a few achievements I am proud of:
    • I have beaten Twilight Princess about a good bakers-dozen(13) times.
    • I've beaten Mass Effect as both a Paragon and Renegade on Hard.
    • I've beaten Mass Effect 2 as a Paragon twice on Hard and once as a Renegade on Normal.
    • I've beaten Portal in under half an hour, and have gotten all the achievements on it(not the same playthrough).
    • I've beaten Bioshock three times, and have gotten all three endings, on Hard.
    • I have completed 100% on The Wind Waker, and I feel proud.
    • I've barely managed to beat Luigi's Mansion.
    • I've completed all three of the SSB series.
    • I have beaten Super Mario Galaxy and got all the Stars(242 both Mario and Luigi).
    • I have done likewise on Super Mario Sunshine(121 I think).
    • I've done 100% on Phantom Hourglass including Ship parts and I feel really proud.
    • On Fallout 3 I have beaten it 100% as Very Good, Neutral, and Very Bad on Hard includeing all 5 DLCs.
    • I've beaten Zelda II's first dungeon, and it took me a whole day. And I don't plan on even TRYING to get to the second.
    • I have completed Half-Life 2 and it's two episodes, with all achievements on Hard.
    • Beaten the entire Chzo Mythos series.
    • I have beaten Emerald with a full Pokedex, and have beaten the Elite Four exactly 179 times.
    • I rented GTA IV, and thought it was pretty good, and I got over half-way in five days. (By-the-by The driving mechanics suck, and I really wouldn't recommend it for anyone who wants a good driving game.)
    • I bought Elder Scrolls IV for $15 bucks, not very far in it though.
    • I have beaten Red Dead Redemption. Pretty epic, and I have redone it multiple times at harder difficulties.
    • I beat NV on Hardcore a few times, didn't get Black OPs or any Call of Duty game because they are all the same. Save yourself money and buy the most recent one, and you should get a decade's worth of gaming out of it.


  • I plan on beating Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask over the summer. And at least playing the original for more than an hour.
  • I also plan on beating the Metroid Prime trilogy sometime after that.
  • I beat ST, 3 times.
  • I own a Xbox 360, Wii, and a DS. I still have my Gamecube, but it's really more of a sentimental thing.
  • On said gaming systems, I do not have an internet connection with any of them. It sucks I know.
  • I play on a HD TV in my bedroom.
  • I have a single crappy airsoft spring pistol. I plan to get something better soon.
  • I like having my soul fed, but I would prefer if somebody gave me some food first.
  • I play tennis, and am fairly good at it, too(it's way harder than most other sports, trust me). Well, I am better than a Tyrannosaurus-Rex trying to brush his teeth.
  • I also enjoy swimming, running, hockey(parents don't), basketball, and especially rock climbing.
  • I'm was doing football for my fall sport, and was pretty decent at lighting people up. But now I'm in the big leagues.
  • I never lie. Or extrapolate. Or make stuff up to sound cooler or somethin'.
  • I never embellish.
  • I think I will add more later, but you should check out the rest of my page and sign in the meantime. ;)

Really Random Factoids

The following section is just for the lulz, and is not to be taken seriously.

  • I am very lazy, and do have a life, but only get around to it when I feel like it.
  • I kinda, sorta, make Jokes, and if i am will tell you, (JK) or in case I do not care to (parenthessis around it) just JK.
  • I over explain things, and am a little egotistical, I make myself sound smarter than I let on. (not sayin' i ain't smart, just sayin' i like the ego *boost*!)
  • I find it sad that I like the ego *boost* I get from "sounding smartish".
  • I, while over explaining everything, do not like to write great epics, on my user page.
  • I, hope you find my user page funny.
  • I, find it pitiful, that I care what you think of my user page.
  • I, don't care about grammar to much, but I always check what I've written for correctness.
  • In real life, I have terrible hand writing, and it is very messy. So, that's why I'm skiping lines, here. (force of habbit)
  • I hate, with a burning passion, disargreements. And will take all arguments, (disagreements) personlally, and will try to resolve them as soon as is possible.
  • I guess I'm sarcasstic, but hay, I maybe wrong, but most people call me that, so sure (Kray-zs)
  • I really hate people who are up tight. And I myself, am tight, so I hate myself.
  • I hate even more, people who are uptighter than me.
  • If you believe either of the two comments above this won, that is sad, K. Esspecially because, right above that I sad I was sarcastic.
  • Wow, you whould never going find out anything about me because...........I like it it that way.
  • I, have a habbit of saying, K. no? and punk (or aternitavley PUNK!, Punk!, Punk, Pnk, or ha ha Loser) so take no offense, K? You got me on that? Good. I had a feeling, you didn't.
  • I like, quit a bit actually (contray to other people's opinions), the Zelda franchise and like editing this site. Because people who love the Zelda franchise, and love editing this site (no offence, this just applies to me) 1. Are crazy that they love a video game and want to marry it, practically. 2. Have no lives, whitch I'd said is not true about myself. 3. I don't know, there's something about these people that offsets me.
  • I am though a Zelda fan, through and through.
  • I have a wii/ds, obivously, and you can try to track me down if you can narrow me down, from 30 million Wii's out there, so happy hunting!
  • I also have a X360
  • No, I'm not a troll. Just so all you Kray-zs know.
  • Add Kray-zs to the list of things I like to say, it new and I've taken a liking to it.

About Rightys

http://i688.photobucket.com/albums/vv247/Ccbermanzzpedia/Nonameman.jpg ....Watch out Leftys!

Now, after seeing Oni Dark Link's whole speel about leftys I feel that now that there is a lefty pride movement, Ishould make a righty pride movement. (As in the country I live in anyways women and men are supposed to be equals, that must meen that rightys and leftys must be treated as equals. So, i.e. rightys get there own pride group as well! And we get to highlight important rightys! w00t w00t!)

Meh: Well duh. As founder and head of the board of rightys, it was just a matter of time that me would be the first to be elected into the hall of fame. My speach includes: "....as we rightys strive to better the world and put the lefty up-starts in their places, we shall become the happiest in the world in all know worlds! And as we are the only know world with sentient life on it, then we have already acheived that dream! But if this statement is true, then there is a paradox because that meens we are the unhappiest in all know worlds. See the problem?...."

Almost everybody else(excluding leftys :P): Well again, duh. There are so many of us that we only need to have to members in the hall of fame. We will showcase important to people who are rightys in its half of the hall of fame. In fact, this is all that we need.

Plan of Attack

This is were we talk about leftys..........i.e. the eniemies. and yet as this is on Zeldapedia, and one of the main characters is a lefty and has a huge following, who shall go un-nammed(psssttt link, incase you didn't click the link(hehe I like my sense of irony)), this creates a problem. but there is a way to fix that! This is Zeldapedia not Un-nammedpedia, we can entirely discredit this.

Well lets just say as this is a public place, we cannot go deeper, as of yet. We shall be holding meetings in your mom until futher noticed. Because I have just posted the location of the headquaters they have been moved. I will not tell you were.

So we have come to a conclusion! All rightys are better than leftys(duh), but instead of working with them and being friendsly masters, we shall ignore them and be the crewlest most diabolical masters ever know! And in doing so, after 10 minutes of oppression we shall once again begin the game of who is the best at table tennis, and name calling. But this time, they know what we can do if we turn 10 minutes into 10 years!

http://i688.photobucket.com/albums/vv247/Ccbermanzzpedia/volume.jpg.... This is where being a lefty gets you.


What about ambi-dexterous people? Were do they fit in? As they are neither true leftys nor true rightys, what to do? This can be a way to unite rightys and leftys under one cause, and finally lead to peace between the two sides. And after we have put the leftys back in there place, and ultimaltely ambi's we shall create a caste system! The rightys being the highest, leftys in the middle, and ambi's at the bottom. And because the majority of the population is a righty, we shall devide the rightys into 3 separte classes with a top, bottom, and middle, based on how many rightys, leftys and ambi's there are in a given person's family. Just imageine, a perfect utopia, were rightys, leftys and ambi's are in their places! :)

Another one: I forgot what to say. I'm at a total loss...... no thread to read into...... well lets just talk about were animals shall fit into this. I would think that they should be in the same place as they were when it was before the perfect utopia, but they would actually be in a higher place! You know two or three levels above were they are right now, but still below ambi's. So that means they are totally the in the same place, except we're all vegitairans! (grumble grumble I HATE tofu....)

Yet another: BREAKING NEWZ!! I just remebered what I waz about to say OMGZ! Okay so what about people with no hands? Neither right, left, or ambi, they are the TRUE conundrum! Well, as I see it, they dont count! At all! Below animals, insects, and plagues they are nothings and shouldn't even be looked at. We shall throw them out of our glorious society of Righttastan! Yeas Righttastan, that is the new name of the utopia! Now I have already explained how Righttastan will work, and how it looks, so.....o wait how it looks? Well, it will look much like the mordern day US, except everybody will speak English and there won't be poor ghettos because we have a caste system, so i.e. ghettos shall be null! And there will be no races, just rightys, leftys, ambi's, and so on. You shall not be black, whilte, hispanic, asian, or Russian, but right, left, ambi, animal, (and those without hands, who shall likewise only be mentioned every other four hours if one chooses). See? isnt it just perfect? No? TOO BAD, I'm the sole dictator(who else?) and have a Board of Rightys with a few of my righty friends. >:) (more to come)

Note: This is obviously sarcasm, so don't hate on me! This is a joke! JSYK


Put these when you look at my user page, thank-you-very-much.(Psssstt! I say threats are ROYALLY DUMB! So I won't even bother! Jeez the nerve of some people!)

I'm the first one? Wow, that's weird.06:00, 22PC)MaloMart (talk)

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death to righttastan! Oni Dark Link 21:19, 12 August 2009 (UTC)

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Okay, here's my sig
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I didn't sign? Well now I did.
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Signing (: I can't believe I haven't before! Oh well. And I am right handed. Just sayin' :)
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SIGN. I LIKE CHEESE, TACOS, oops I am still typing... :{
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Since we're talking about signing. I shall sign yours.
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I want the 75k Rupees ASAP. And don't tell Minish. He doesn't know about my little 'service'
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Hullo, friend
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Hey bud nice page
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Hola Amigo.
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I think I should sign here, since you were the one who gave me the "Welcome to Zeldapedia" Thing. I use my left hand for doing some things.
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Sweeeet page dude.
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Nice profile.
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First sig in over a year! Bring them bubbles back!
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omg wid seesee appaer on aresee
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