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To-Do List

  1. Get new computer(!!!!!!!! [$215])
  2. Make my wikia (Fate Wiki) better, by making pages and such
  3. Get the rest of the Zelda games.
  4. Complete all of the games.
  5. Beat them again.
  6. Master Link and [[Toon Link in SSBB
  7. Make more userboxes

(note: some may become before others. this is in importance order)


Hi. I'm the Fierce Deity. You can call me emem darkdude (online alais) or Gaies (another alias [pronounced guy-es]) I control this guy now, and he's annoying! SAVE ME!!!


When you talk to me, use a lower case "e" 4 teh first e in emem.

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TALK トライフォース収集 ルール!
this is my talk template

Note to those I said to be my minions: I was kidding. if you were offended, i appologize, and remove my comment.

Also, I want people to join my Triforce Gathering rather than be my minions. I'll leave the minion parts to Ganondorf and Vaati. They shall pay for trying to kill Link!!!


WOOT! I'M ROLL BACK USER NOW!!! ROLL BACK!!!! Thnxs for those who helped.

emem project

i decided to explain emem points now. I will start to make challenges (like the language one). I'll make things for teh points (i.e. user boxes, templates, knowledge on taking over the world etc.). Umm... don't have any examples (those will come teh 15[mai birhtday btw]) sooo... dats it.

Also, those who provide questions to me ay my email (emem123292@weirdness.com) along wwith the answer, and it is used, you will get 5 emem points

Note, you can only answer a question once a day, and there will only be 3 qustions a day.

Another note, after alot of points are given out (say... 200?) i will start raking people according to their points. I won't be ranked, cuz that would be unfair.

SUPER NOTE, after a week of no responses, i will use a new questiom, and give the who created the question the 10 points.

ok, wat 2 many notes, if u use teh points, u get "rank points" these r to "rank" u. get it?


What two characters other than Link are playable, and in what two games can they be played as?


Kafei and Gongoron, Gongoron is in Phantom Hourglass, Kafei is in Majora's Mask



emem point list





The old questions are here ~-~-~-~-~-~-

Put what you think the answer(s) are here

please put your screen name and what you think the answer(s) are.

toon link and young link.wind waker and ocarina/majora mask--griff 17:38, 18 June 2008 (UTC) WRONG

[face_palm] I left my answer up there >.< UberPhoeba b c 13:44, 20 June 2008 (UTC)

not true!that rito girl and korok from wind waker are playable also--griff 16:16, 20 June 2008 (UTC)not exactly. link "posses" MELDI and MARKAR. i want to kno the where you don't use something to control the other character. try again!


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Hey, I made the signing thing for you, so be happy, anyways, I like Deities, too!

Also, whats a shoutout thing?

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I'm signing this because I can!
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Yea... the number of userboxes on your page just make mine and XXXXX's look like we have 1...
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I'm signing because I want food. Gimme?
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that's because i'm the master of all!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*coughs* oww... and no food for you!
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Signing the page.Why?Because It's cool!Please take a look at my page,club,and fanfic[[1]].
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When he grows up, Link wants to be a speaker of the house. He's great at speeches.

Actually, I have exactly as many userboxes as this guy. Oh, and glad to see that someone else (on Zeldapedia of course) hates NBB.

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oh. then we're both the user box masters. and i DISPISE them. i would beat any part of the band to the ground if i saw them
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it's a widget. click the widget thing on the top of the page, and scroll till you find the shoutbox.also, join my program. i'm still deciding what to name it, but it's for powerful beings on Zeldapedia(like me)

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If XXXXX Has the exact same number of userboxes as you, I must say, I have like 47 or something, and you have 32
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This is mine. Kmil, u have 51 userboxes.
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hi and try my contest at my page.trust me its hard,but has a awsome price.
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I'm surprised that I hadn't signed yet...

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Hia. I signed your page.

Mai fan fic

As many people know, Farore, Din and Nayru created Hyrule many years ago. They created all things, including hylians. One hylian, usually

refered to as "scum". His actual name was Link. He was an orphan, and was treated rudly by all other people for being poor. Eventualt,he ran

away. He found a peaceful grop of people who called themselves Kokiri. There were only a few. Link stayed with them until he was 12. Then, a

great dark force appeared. He called himself Vaati, and came to kill the Deku Tree.

Well, I'm getting ahead of myself. Over the two years Link spent with the Kokiri, he became veerskilled at forgery. With his three friends, who

called them selves the Forger Brothers, even though they weren't technicaly related. They wore blue, red and puple to pop out from the other

Kokiri, who wore a dull brown. When Link had arrived the Forger Brothers gave him a green tunic and cap, similar to thier own. They decided to

tell him about a secret sword they were working one. They infused it with a special gem they found on the ground one day. Depending on how you

looked at it, it was either blue, green, red or purple. After about a year, they finshed a sword with a hilt of black and gold, and they called it the "Four Sword".