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Hi! I am Fierce Deku, and I thought it was awkward that my pages started with a nav box, so I'm writing an introductory paragraph! And I feel like it should be all uppity and positive so every sentence will end with an "!"! I am capable of better grammar than starting a sentence with "and", but this isn't mainspace so anything I say that successfully conveys my meaning counts as proper language in my book! Anyway, this is my user page where you can read about me, games I've played, my thoughts on Zelda theories, and other stuff! Almost everything in my infobox is a joke response as I tend to not give out personal identifying information on the internet, but maybe you'll learn a little about my personality if you read the silly things that pop into my head!</!>

Games I've Played

Organized first by series, then by release order. "+" means I have beaten the game, "!" means it is my favorite game from that series, text underneath details current progress in unbeaten games and additional accomplishments in beaten ones. Played all games on original release console unless otherwise noted.

The Legend of Zelda

+The Legend of Zelda
100%, occasionally used maps to avoid long boring bomb crack searches. Second quest in progress; Cleared Levels 1, 2, 4, and 8.
Zelda II
The Adventure of Link
It's been a while, I think I'd placed like 4 or so crystals out of the 6(?).
+A Link to the Past
Everything except a Heart Piece or two.
Link's Awakening
Part way through level 7; Eagle's Tower.
+Ocarina of Time
Gerudo Training Ground Clear.
!!!+Majora's Mask
100%. Didn't die. 1 Loop Challenge in planning stages.
+Oracle of Seasons
All Heart Containers (I think, 100% except for rings).
+Oracle of Ages
Linked, all Secrets, all Heart Containers (I think, 100% except for rings).
Four Swords (Don't Have)
+The Wind Waker
Didn't die (I don't think), Full Savage Labyrinth Clear.
+Four Swords Adventures
2 Player game and 1 Player game.
+The Minish Cap
All Kinstone fusions, all figurines (AGH!), didn't die (I don't think).
+Twilight Princess (GCN)
Didn't die, Numerous Cave of Ordeals Clears.
Phantom Hourglass (Don't Have a DS)
Spirit Tracks (Don't Have a DS)
Skyward Sword
Cleared the 6 dungeons. I'm looking for 100% and am plotting something special for a Hero Mode playthrough; perhaps no shield, no bottles, or both. I may go totally minimalist.

Super Mario

+Super Mario Brothers
(I think I beat it, first quest only)
+Super Mario Brothers 2
!+Super Mario Brothers 3
Super Mario Land
Super Mario Land 2; Six Golden Coins
+Super Mario World
+Super Mario World 2; Yoshi's Island
+Super Mario Kart
+Super Mario Kart 64
+Super Mario Kart Wii

Donkey Kong

+Donkey Kong
Played via DK64.
+Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Land
Can't bloody see through the fancy rendered graphics when they only have 4 colors.
!+Donkey Kong Country 2; Diddy's Kong Quest
100%. Yes, even the DK coin in Glimmer's Galleon.
Donkey Kong Land 2
Visibility gets even worse in DKL2, if memory serves.
+Donkey Kong Country 3; Dixey Kong's Double Trouble
Donkey Kong Land 3
Omnipresent camouflaged rats.
Donkey Kong 64
Second to last world.


Got best ending (they don't actually tell you your specific time) using the "new game plus" function.
Metroid II; The Return of Samus
I forget how far. It's been a while.
!+Super Metroid
Including saving the Etecoons and Dachoras, and getting all unique items (that aren't tanks of something).
!+Metroid Prime
Hard Mode Clear. All missile combos.
+Metroid Fusion
!+Metroid Prime II; Echoes
Hard mode clear. All missile combos.
+Metroid Zero Mission
Time: <90 minutes on Normal


+Kirby's Dreamland 2
As in the true ending.
!+Kirby Super Star
100% (or 101 or whatever it says when you do everything)
+Kirby 64; The Krystal Shards
As in the true ending.
+Kirby; Nightmare in Dream Land
Cleared half health mode and Meta Knightmare.


Routs 1 and 2.
!+Starfox 64
Expert Mode Clear.
+Starfox Assault
Gold Survival Mode Clear.

Final Fantasy & Chrono

+Final Fantasy
GBA release. First party BM WM RM M, completed all "Soul of Chaos" dungeons, was at level 99 by the final boss. Second playthrough, RM RM BM F, no Soul of Chaos dungeons.
Final Fantasy II
GBA release, yet to start.
+Final Fantasy IV
US SNES release.
Final Fantasy V
PSX release. Cleared Library of the Ancients.
!+Final Fantasy VI
US SNES release.
Final Fantasy VII
Sephiroth is about to host his SOLDIER reunion picnic.
+Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

!+Chrono Trigger
A couple different endings.
!+Chrono Cross
Including true ending and a couple others.

Other Series

!!+Super Smash Brothers
I main Fox, am also good with Pikachu, and enjoy Link even though I'm not the best with him.
!!+Super Smash Brothers Melee
I main Sheik.
I'm counting clearing all the events as beating it.
!!!Super Smash Brothers Brawl
I main Sheik, with a side of Zero Suit Samus and a medium diet Fox. Later on I'll be hosting a Brawl tournament for the second time; we'll see how well Sheik holds up and if my secondaries get brought in for any matchups.
Pomemon Blue
Erika defeated.
Pokemon Red
Mostly supporting Blue atm.
Stunt Race FX
I beat the King League but not the Queen League, due to White Land II's infamous impossible jump. I'm counting this as beating the game though, screw it.
F-Zero X
Haven't started.
Fire Emblem; Blazing Sword (yeah I mashed up US and translated original titles)
After Lyn's story they totally restart everything and you lose all your characters (Lyn's story was added after the fact to introduce American audiences to Fire Emblem), so I lost my momentum.
Golden Eye
Yet to start.
Perfect Dark
Yet to start.
Including Brood War and its secret mission.
+Starcraft II
Completed all missions and mission objectives. A little over 50% of the Wings of Liberty achievements. Drop me a line if you have it and want to play online.
!+Starwars Battlefront
Played extensively online with friends. While we continue to play both games, I do think that the first one is a little better. Drop me a line if you have it and want to play online.
+Starwars Battlefront II
See above. Drop me a line if you have it and want to play online.
+Vector Man
Via a PC compilation disk.
+Golden Axe
On the same disk as above.
On top of the dome on the first island there's a pressing machine thing with 6 colored balls that you put in it. I know where 5 of them go but the existence of a 6th makes no sense to me.
!+Star Trek Armada
Their servers are gone now :(
Star Trek Armada II
If you ever end up designing the sequel to a real time strategy game, do not add more types of resources. It was the worst design decision in an RTS since Tiberian Sun's lack of a pause function. That and removing Kydairan Amulet from SCII.
Sim City
Sim City 2000
Sim Ant
Sim Earth
Sim Tower
Sim Copter
Streets of Sim City
Commander Keen (If you know what this is you get a cookie)
Completed first trilogy (!), mostly through 4/5/dreams.
+Castle of the Winds (Again, cookies go to those who know it without an internet search)
Completed both episodes.


Discussion about any of these is more than welcome, just drop by my talk page. If you have some evidence that I seem to be unaware of, particularly in the case of my more strongly worded Don't Believe's, then please let me know. EDIT: Note that my opinion of the Hyrule Historia is that it is absolute garbage and should be erased from history. Besides, in two separate places the book has "disclaimers" talking about how the story is constantly rewritten, so I see no reason to consider it canon even if I could stand the things it says. If that book randomly makes a claim, it is not considered actual evidence here, not even by a long shot; if it explains some solid connection between actual in-game information, that connection would work as a theory, but baseless claims from the Historia mean nothing to me.

Theories I Do Believe

  • The multiple Ganon theory
For one thing, we are given two distinct and basically mutually exclusive origins for Ganondorf (OoT and FSA). Also, the big G has died five times over the series, and been resurrected only once. The one Gerudo male every 100 years thing is also an easy set up for more Ganons. I think Ganondorf simply being "reborn" just like Link/Zelda/many other characters is far more likely than him being resurrected twice with absolutely no mention of it AND some crazy explanation being made for the two conflicting origin stories.
  • The "Seven Wise Men" from ALttP are the Seven Sages from OoT
Seven Wise Men is a mistranslation of what is more accurately "Seven Sages". The name of the two groups in question are the same in original Japanese, and this mistranslation was remedied in the english GBA release of ALttP. Also, in an interview shortly after OoT's release, the game's character designer, Satoru Takizawa, and script director Toru Osawa, confirmed that the Seven Sages and the Imprisoning War mentioned in the two games were indeed the same pepole/event. This makes it clear that Nintendo considers what remaining gaps there were between the ALttP prologue and OoT's story to be retconed. As far as the diverse OoT Sages having all Hylian successors, remember that Saria and Fado were able to pass on their Sage power, despite being children their whole life and thus being unlikely to have the ability to produce any biological descendents. The appearance of TP's Ancient Sages as ethereal Hylians also implies that sage power is not bound to those six races found in OoT's Sages. This makes it seem likely that Sage power can be passed down to any destined successor even without an actual biological lineage. Given the lack of the various OoT races by the time of ALttP, it stands to reason that some generation of Sages would have decided to pass their power to the Hylians who were actually remaining in Hyrule. I know there are various other theories out there, but the similarities between ALttP's backstory and OoT's story are undeniable, and it seems like a huge leap to me to think that this entire, very distinct sequence of events could have happened twice.
  • ALttP/FSA Connections
FSA is dripping with clearly intentional ALttP connections. The two sets of maidens have obvious similarities. It also seems clear to me that when they go to open the Four Sword Sanctuary, they are opening the seal on the Dark World. FSA includes a Dark World which sometimes has the same dark mist effect that the Four Sword Sanctuary has when you first go there. Also note that the ALttP Palace of the Four Sword is in the Dark World in the geographic equivalent of Hyrule Castle, where the FSA Maidens open a portal to the Four Sword Sanctuary. This connection would allow the maidens to seal off a new Ganon in the Dark World, neatly filling the hole left by Ganondorf's death in WW, while leaving the entire Imprisoning War backstory intact. I can go into more detail about this, and I know there are a couple things not explicitly explained when you start tying WW to ALttP, but it makes a lot more sense to me than any other theory I've heard on the subject (most of which just give up and act like the games aren't in the same continuity).
  • The Skull Kid in MM is the same one from OoT
Duh. He practically says so himself. How else did he recognize Link's smell and learn Saria's Song? Plus he's known to be in the lost woods. It's clearly what the designers intended.
  • The sad tree/Deku Link's form/the Deku Butler's Son are all the same person
This is obviously intended to be the case, for reasons you've probably already heard, or can look up on the Deku Butler's Son's page.
  • The Man form the Trading Post is the Man from the Curiosity Shop
Go read the theory section for either person. I think that one thing about him being seen in the Curiosity Shop through Kafei's spy hole when he should be at the Trading Post can easily be explained as either a programming oversight, or him getting stuff ready in the Curiosity Shop and then hearing someone come into the other store and going there to tend the counter. I also think we are intended to realize they are the same person, since he (in the Trading Post) recognizes Kafei and even calls him a kid (which he shouldn't know if he's a different person) but then tries to hide it, how when approached with the Stone Mask (so he doesn't notice Link) he says he's getting ready for a night shift (which he certainly isn't working at the Trading Post), and the Part Time Employee, when approached with the Stone Mask, wonders how the Trading Post owner has so much money when business is slow. Also, they both like to say "I kid you not" and have an itch on their back.
  • ___ in the Wind Waker is X from Ocarina of Time that is poking out of the water
I think we were intended to realize this. This includes Mother & Child/Desert Colossus, Dragon Roost/Death Mountain, Forest Haven/Kokiri Forest, and most anywhere that has some apparent connection to an OoT location. Some people take this a little farther like trying to say that the Earth and Wind Temples are something, which I don't necessarily believe.
  • Jabun is related to Lord Jabu-Jabu
I think this is obvious. It's clear he's probably not the same being, but obviously a descendant or reincarnation, and I think the designers intended him as such.
  • The Rito evolved from the Zora
For one it's been confirmed by Aonuma; and this isn't one of those overarching story details that he isn't thinking about and it ends up retconned. Also, the fact that Rito need a scale from Valoo to grow wings provides a mechanism for an inexplicably fast (and potentially unnecessary) evolution into birds and shows that they are not that way entirely naturally (I think their beaks are held on by strings also ;p). I do however believe that some Zora did not take this evolutionary path and remain in pretty much the same form as in OoT; specifically, the Sea Zora from Oracle of Ages.
  • The Kokiri became the Koroks
It's confirmed by Aonuma and was obvious to begin with. However, based on a quote from a Kokiri saying the Deku Tree gave the Kokiri life, and the fact that there is no reason to believe Kokiri/Koroks reproduce through conventional means, I think that they did not literally "evolve" through reproduction, but rather changed after the Great Flood (Deku Tree says they used to look human till they came to live on the Great Sea).

Theories I Don't Believe

  • The Twili created Majora's Mask
I just want this to be false, but also it doesn't have any real support (that I know of). Besides, people know about the Twili as late as TP, whereas the Happy Mask Salesman says the ancient tribe vanished long ago like no one knows about them or where they went; you would expect one with such knowledge of the ancient tribe to also know what their fate was, given that the Mirror of Twilight was well known to the Hylians who were using it. Also, I get the impression the Fused Shadow is the height of the Twili's magic, yet Majora's Mask makes the it look like an especially sharp toothpick by comparison.
  • The Garo Created Majora's Mask
I also don't want this one to be true, and again it just seems doubtful and unsupported (I think it's exclusively based on one, dead Garo appearing in Stone Tower, which has a few pictures of Majora's Mask in it). Also anyone capable of such magic probably could destroy the opposing Ikana Kingdom without much trouble.
  • Zant is an Oocca or something
General head shape does not overrule his other obvious Twili traits. One could make an "Interlopers might have been assembled from different tribes" comeback, but; A: I doubt Oocca can successfully breed with any of the other tribes to produce a giant humanoid Oocca, and B: That would have been a LONG time ago, and no matter what tribe(s) the Interlopers came form, all of their descendants were changed to the point of being considered a new, single, separate race, the Twili.
  • There are more than three pieces to the Triforce
The 3 Goddesses made the Triforce, each making 1 piece (that comes out to 3). A lot would have to be screwed up about our knowledge of Hyrule and the Triforce for there to be another Goddess/God/Piece. Also, why can it grant wishes with just P/W/C if there's a fourth piece? Also, Nintendo has consistently denied the existence of a fourth piece. And Time, for the record, does not fit in with power, wisdom, and courage. Those are values. Time can be valued in a way, but one cannot personally possess time the way one can be powerful, wise, or courageous.
  • The Light Force is part of the Triforce or is the "true tetraforce".
Aonuma said they are not the same thing, it's likely Minish in origin, there is no outside basis for partially draining a piece of the Triforce from someone (we've even seen pieces removed from people non-fatally), and there's just no solid connection aside from them both being mystical forces represented by a triangle.
  • The Light Force is Hylia's power being passed down through the Zeldas
While I can't unequivocally prove that the Minish created the Light Force, they most definitely are the ones who gave it to humans; the Legend even says they gave it to the Hero of Men (depicted as another incarnation of Link), whom the legend clearly depicts differently from the Princess (obviously a Zelda) it was left with. It would make absolutely no sense for a Zelda to lose the power granted to her as an incarnation of Hylia, and for that power to fall to the Minish to be given back to a Link.
  • Minish Cap Comes Before Ocarina of Time
I believe the only real "evidence" is a quote from someone from Nintendo, which was later contradicted and/or withdrawn by that same person or at least someone of equal or greater knowledge of such things. Also, one would not expect to see Hyrule in such a state (the Royal Family ruling and the land in peace, with Triforce symbols everywhere implying they know of it) prior to or during to the Hyrulean Civil War, which ended within a decade or so of Ocarina of Time. The "Link gets his hat" argument is pretty weak. There's no reason to believe that every Link had to get that hat design from a past hero. The origin of the hat as part of the Hero's Clothes mentioned in various games is from the Hero of Time, who has it because it's common among Kokiri boys. With Skyward Sword out and i being widely accepted that it comes first, we also know that Link's hat preceded MC in the form of a Knight's uniform.
  • Kafei is Link's Terminan equivalent
No, really, this is a real theory on the Kafei page. Thing is, every Terminan equivalent looks the same as their Hyrulean counterpart, and Kafei, well, is obviously not Link.
  • Stone Tower was built to blaspheme Hyrule's Golden Goddesses
I believe this was made popular by someone's article a while back, and got blow way out of proportion. The only evidence I'm aware of is that a Triforce appears on the tongue of some blocks/pillars. I don't even see the tongue thing as meaning they were dissing the Triforce; I think that Stone Tower was simply based on certain ancient cultures (like those of Central and South America I think) who drew/sculpted strange faces with their tongues sticking out. Stone Tower Temple also has a big tongue for an entrance, and if being licked by a statue is meant to be offensive then why would they have everyone who enters/exits the temple stand on a tongue? The Triforce was probably just thrown in as an easter egg, and to make Stone Tower more creepy because that means its creators knew about it. Besides, building something that huge and advanced just to to blaspheme something is weird, and even if you did you'd probably feature blaspheming imagery of said thing a little more prominently that on the bottom of a few blocks. Were they trying to diss the Triforce/Goddesses? It's not impossible but I honestly see no objective reason to think so. Did they build the entire Tower for that purpose? No. This theory would also make one of the most mysterious locations in the series incredibly boring and stupid, as it would mean the entire flipping/pocket dimension accessing tower is nothing more than a giant middle finger pointing at Hyrule. I don't know what Stone Tower's purpose was (though I have my theories), but I bet you all my rupees it was a heck of a lot creepier than that.
  • Veran is a Twili, or any other theory based exclusively on mutual skin color
There, I explained that one while describing it. I suppose she is magically powerful, and she does extend the reach of the "Dark Realm", but if that's supposed to be the Twilight Realm then how she accesses it with a giant tower or how Twinrova got Onox out of it I don't know. Vague similarity does not mean they're related.
  • The World of the Ocean King is Flooded Termina
For one thing, I prefer theories that aren't groundless (pun intended). Seriously, the fact that two things are alternate worlds does not make them the same alternate world (and that's all the supporting evidence I'm aware of). We all know the Twilight Realm isn't the Dark World isn't Termina, and they are all alternate worlds. Say, Link and Ganon are both people, so by extension... THEY MUST BE THE SAME GUY! AND HE KILLS HIMSELF!
  • Stallord is the remains of *insert any boss in the series here*
Stallord's bones, in terms of arrangement, relative proportion, overall size, and many skull characteristics, are far too dissimilar from any given boss for them to be the same creature.
  • This race in Skyward Sword is this race in the Future
Living in the same location does not make a pair of races ancestor and descendant. The Kikwi are bird like things with plants on their back who age normally; they are not the ancestors of a bunch of human looking children who were given life by a guardian tree spirit and don't age at all. The Oocca's City in the Sky is a tall, advanced city, not a small town, which has little to no landmass associated with it and may be kept airborne entirely technologically. There is just no way the Oocca evolved from humans while other human went to the surface and did not change at all. The only one I would be willi g to entertain is that the Parella/Faron/Tadtones are somehow related to the Zora; even then I'd think that the Zora were something entirely new Faron created. Seriously though, people are way overzealous with these "both of these races live in the same biome so they must be the same" theories; I saw someone once try to post a theory section stating that Gorons evolved from Mogma... Yes, a race which appears in SS could only have come about by evolving from another, incomparably different race, which also appears in SS.

Theories I Don't Necessarily Believe but Think would be Interesting if True

  • The (Dark) Interlopers and Sheikah were once the same people
At first, they are both shadow related people. But maybe during the war, some of them went too far (the Interlopers), while the rest repented and swore to serve the Royal Family, the new rulers of Hyrule. Or it's the other way around that the Interlopers are traitors to the otherwise good Sheikah. One could even use part of the Manga Sheikah symbol explanation about the tear being added, in this case because the future Twili betrayed them and were banished. EDIT: With Skyward Sword out, it seems the Sheikah always served the Royal Family and always had a tear on their symbol. I personally think keeping the tear was a missed opportunity because it's more mysterious if you have to wonder why it comes up part way through. Anyway, this theory technically can't maintain the tear addition aspect or the Sheikah/Interlopers started out as evil scenario, though the Interlopers betray good Sheikah thing is still possible.
  • The Builders of Stone Tower were the Ancient Tribe who used Majora's Mask
The mask was sealed away in shadow long ago because of the trouble it caused; in Stone Tower Temple (an ancient place which clearly used to be troubled), after inverting the tower, we can make it to a separate place (Twinmold's boss room), apparently some sort of pocket dimension, where Majora's Mask images are everywhere. This may mean that Stone Tower and its inverting ability was all meant to access this pocket dimension and seal Majora's Mask there. Majora's Mask could also be responsible for what once happened in Ikana; while some people will linger even if you defeat Twinmold, and there's talk of people being undead because of their regrets from their lifetime, others say that a masked one caused their problems, and some things actually do get fixed when you defeat Twinmold, and thus may be part of a curse Majora's Mask placed on the land long ago. While I really like all the connections here, I'm putting this in the not sure section mostly because I like how mysterious these things are, and it'd spoil the fun if they were fully understood, so a part of me doesn't want Majora's or Stone Tower's history to be fully explained. Thank the Four Giants the Historia left MM alone...
  • The Mirror of Twilight (TP) and the Dark Mirror (FSA) are the same thing.
I more or less believe this really, since their histories line up well (they are both mirrors which were used to seal off a dark tribe), and there's no glaring counter evidence. Since they don't quite look the same though, and are used for different things at the time (accessing Twilight Realm/making Shadow Links), I'm not quite willing to put this in the 'theories I believe' section. I don't consider either of those to prove that they're not the same mirror though, and I think that they should be.

Odd Things I've Noticed In Zelda

  • Anju's Grandmother brought a book to Anju and Kafei's wedding, which she is apparently still reading even when the ceremony itself is going on.
  • Mayor Dotour brings his chair to Anju and Kafei's wedding. He must have trouble standing or else is really arrogant and has to flaunt his mayor-tastic giant chair. Also, it could not fit through the door without some disassembly.
  • The mask atop mayor Dotour's chair is identical to one on the Happy Mask Salesman's backpack, except it is smiling instead of frowning and has more distinct/open yellow eyes.
  • The Stock Pot Inn's bathroom has no door. There is also what appears to be paper there, yet ??? needs some from Link.
  • When Dampe is returning to his hut at the end of the day (in MM), the door will open; you can see a stone alcove the size of a small closet, and nothing else.
  • Tott is literally dancing on someone's grave.
  • If you clear the Oceanside Spider House on the first day, the guy standing on the top of the carnival tower starring at the Moon leaves (he's the guy who shows up to take refuge there); even though he is gone, Brac (one of the carpenters) is still addressing the space he used to occupy, telling it to come down and quit starring at the moon.
  • The guard in North Clock Town will completely ignore Sakon stealing the bomb bags from the old lady, and will let him walk right by.
  • Kafei and Sakon can both get to and from Sakon's Hideout on the near side of Ikana Canyon with apparent ease; Link must have a horse on which to jump the fences, the Garo's Mask so that the spirit will let him enter, and the Hookshot with which to grab onto the log.
  • When you fight Igos and his Bodyguards in Ikana Castle, light will be shining through the windows, even at night.
  • Even with the mighty Golden Gauntlets, Link cannot wield the Biggoron Sword with one hand. Similar discrepencies arise basically any time Link gets a strength enhancing item.
  • When Nabooru is talking about why she hates Ganondorf, one of the crimes she lists is that he "stole from women and children". Is she saying that women are weaker than men and that stealing from them is less honorable? You'd think a Gerudo would be above that steriotype, and say "defenseless people" or something. Also, what possible thing could Ganondorf have wanted to steal from a child? Candy?
  • Midna says to Zant that everyone could see a lust for power burning in his pupils. This is an oddly specific turn of phrase to choose considering Zant has no pupils (even pre-Ganondorf), or at least not ones that can be seen.
  • I've read there's an "Ocean Realm" in ST (yet to acquire a DS) that is sometimes called "Ocean Land", which is just amusingly oxymoronic.
  • When Link uses the Mermaid Suit to dive down to Zora Village in OoA, there is a Zora who will call him a mermaid. This is obviously incontestable proof that the Link in the Oracles is actually a girl.
  • Whenever you're on the surface in SS, there is a distinct lack of an impenetrable cloud ceiling compared to what you see when in the sky.
  • Phoeni, the ??? reference in SS, is clearly a disembodied hand ghost. Unlike ???, Phoeni most definitely does not have the capacity to need toilet paper.
  • Tingle. I have no particular thing to point out about him, he's just odd (to put it very lightly).

Superlatables (partially incomplete)

I searched this word to figure out what it means, and Zeldapedia user pages were what came up. Some things (like MM being the best game) are very certain, while others are just sort of approximate favorites of the moment so that I have something to put (I'm very indecisive). I've renamed the "worst" category because I love all of these games, and many of the spots here are filled by otherwise good installments that just had a certain issue. Zelda II and FSA are awesome games but probably get short changed here because they are different and thus hard to compare to the others. I do not own Four Swords, Phantom Hourglass, or Spirit Tracks. I welcome discussion about why I placed any of these where I did, but when push comes to shove it's just my opinion and if it conflicts with yours that's perfectly ok. This code stolen from other people's user pages.

*Not the trivial graphical "power" of the console. I love pixels and sprites and readily distinguishable polygons, so I'm interested in how the graphical capacity of the system is used, not how many pixels or polygons it can produce. For example, I consider the original StarFox to have some of the best overall presentation (audiovisual design) of any game in history, despite its SNES level technical ability.
**I have yet to complete The Adventure of Link, Link's Awakening, and Skyward Sword.
***Volatile category. Many of my entries are "approximations" to some extent, but I debate these particular categories with myself to an especially large degree.
Category Best 2nd Best 3rd Best Least Good/Some Substantial Issue(s)
Game Majora's Mask Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons/Skyward Sword Ocarina of Time/A Link to the Past

Twilight Princess/The Minish Cap

Story Majora's Mask Ocarina of Time/Link's Awakening/Skyward Sword The Wind Waker Twilight Princess
Visuals* Four Swords Adventures/Majora's Mask/Ocarina of Time Link's Awakening/Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons The Wind Waker

Twilight Princess/The Adventure of Link

Cast Majora's Mask Ocarina of Time/Oracle of Ages Twilight Princess/Skyward Sword The Adventure of Link
Supporting Character*** Basically everyone from Majora's Mask Quill/Saria/Marin/Zelda & Alter Egos (OoT/WW)/Medli Great Deku Tree (Sprout/WW)/Malon/Makar/Shad/Ralph/Cap'n/Impa (SS)/Pipit Tingle/Groose
Villain "Majora"/Ghirahim Ganondorf (OoT/WW) Twinrova/Veran Zant
Boss Battles Overall Majora's Mask/Skyward Sword Four Swords Adventures/The Wind Waker

Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages/The Minish Cap

Final Boss Battle (Gameplay)** Oracle of Seasons The Minish Cap/Oracle of Ages Ocarina of Time/Linked Game of Either Oracle/Majora's Mask Twilight Princess
Mini-Bosses Overall Majora's Mask/Skyward Sword The Legend of Zelda/Ocarina of Time/The Wind Waker/Four Swords Adventures

Link's Awakening/Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons || Twilight Princess

Single Mini-Boss
Regular Enemies Overall The Legend of Zelda/Skyward Sword The Adventure of Link/A Link to the Past Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask Four Swords Adventures
Single Regular Enemy
Races Majora's Mask Ocarina of Time/Oracle of Seasons The Wind Waker/Skyward Sword
Single Race Deku/Subrosian/Sheikah Gerudo/Goron/Zora/Ancient Robot Kokiri/Korok/Minish Oocca
Overworld Majora's Mask The Legend of Zelda/Skyward Sword Ocarina of Time/Oracle of Seasons/The Wind Waker Twilight Princess
Items Overall***
Single Item***
Side Quests/Mini-Games Overall
Single Side Quest/Mini-Game
Collectible Seed Rings Wind Waker Spoils/Majora's Mask Masks Golden Bugs/Secret Seashells (LA)/Gold Skulltula Tokens Kinstones
Dungeons Overall
Single Dungeon
Music Overall***
Single Piece of Music***
Single Story Moment**

Category Best 2nd Best 3rd Best Least Good/Some Substantial Issue(s)
The Legend of Zelda Title Theme Level 9 Dungeon The "Low on Hearts" Warning Tone
The Adventure of Link** Palace Overworld Engagement Overworld Death Music (overused)
A Link to the Past Hyrule Castle "Hidden Mountain/Forest"/Prologue Dark World/Zelda's Lullaby/Final Battle/"The Goddess Appears"/Lost Woods/Essence of the Triforce
Link's Awakening** Tal Tal Heights Face Shrine (non-dungeon)/Overworld That Forest/Various Dungeon Themes Mini-Boss Battle
Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
The Wind Waker
Four Swords Adventures
Twilight Princess
Skyward Sword**

Category Best 2nd Best 3rd Best Least Good/Some Substantial Issue(s)
The Legend of Zelda Manhandla Digdogger (x3) Ganon Aquamentis
The Adventure of Link**
A Link to the Past
Link's Awakening**
Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask Odolwa/Goht Majora's Wrath Twinmold Gyorg
Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons Onox (Dark Dragon)
The Wind Waker Puppet Ganon/Ganondorf Jalhallah/Gohdan Helmaroc King Gohma
Four Swords Adventures
Twilight Princess
Skyward Sword**

Category Best 2nd Best 3rd Best Least Good/Some Substantial Issue(s)
The Legend of Zelda
The Adventure of Link**
A Link to the Past
Link's Awakening**
Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask Gomess/Igos & Guards Gekko & Mad Jelly/Garo Master/Captain Keeta Wart/Gekko & Snapper Dinalfos
Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
The Wind Waker
Four Swords Adventures
Twilight Princess
Skyward Sword**

Category Best 2nd Best 3rd Best Least Good/Some Substantial Issue(s)
The Legend of Zelda Discovering how useful overlooked items like the bombs, Red Candle, and Stepladder are Unexpectedly finding Ganon's hideout early Facing Ganon Money Making Game
The Adventure of Link** Any time I cleared an area Being rewarded for my persistance by the Ache in town/Being attacked in a town Link holding the Kidnapped Child above im like an item Not realizing there was a way to see the invisible enemies
A Link to the Past Chasing after Ganon using the bird Appearing on the Pyramid for the first time Prolouge Sequance "Zelda is your..."
Link's Awakening** The non-dungeon Face Shrine, when you realize what you're going to have to do... When you return to Animal Vilalge and Marin has vanished; Odd fact, that was the first time I swore in front of someone in my life Thinking the Wind Fish was already coming out of its Egg when the Full Moon Cello started flashing over it Bow-Wow leaving :.(
Ocarina of Time Facing off with Ganondorf/Ganon
Majora's Mask
Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
The Wind Waker Final confrontation With Ganondorf/Saying Goodbye to Daphnes :.( The Rito/Valoo coming to the rescue at the Forsaken Fortress/Launching Link out of a catapult "We pirates do this all the time"/some really awesome assists with Tingle Bombs Taking control of Medli and Makar King of Red Lions: "NO LINK YOU CAN'T EXPLORE THERE YET. What do you think this is, a Zelda game?"/Having my target lock broken off Ganondorf for the Light Arrow reflection cutscene, and then having to re-target so I could perform a parry attack on someone who wasn't even attacking me
Four Swords Adventures
Twilight Princess Western style showdown in the Hidden Village Going through the Twilight Realm for the first time/The Resistance showing up/Zant's scene after Lakebed Temple The sense of fear of slowly swimming down deep dark abyss (Morpheel boss room)/Some parts of the final confrontation with Zant and with Ganondorf HEY GUYS I HAVE TEH TRIFORCE FO POWER IN TEH CHILLD TIMLINE LOL! NO WOREES IT JUST SORT OF APPERED ON ME YEAH IT CAN TOTES DO TAHT NOW!!!!11 I despise that implication. Call me too obsessed with the timeline, but this one scene irreparably stained TP's story for me. They don't even USE the bloody Triforce in the plot, just sort allude to it to screw with us. Why in the name of the Four Giants would you act like the Triforce is in a game with no explanation, buildup, origin, use, or plot motivation of any kind?/Zant was really creepy at first but ended up a pitiful tool in the end; I haven't been able to look at him with respect since/It took me forever and a half to realize I had to hold down the A button to catch beast Ganon, not just press it (which is all is was telling me to do)/The final horseback battle was insanely awkward
Skyward Sword** Seeing the loving letters/pictures to Skipper from/of his child and crew, who were all long dead at the time, while Skipper lingered on with me :.( The second Ghirahim battle; it was round two an I was pwning, I felt totally awesome The first Ghirahim battle; he was an awesome villain, it was an honor to get beaten around by him (for the record though I didn't die) Jumping off parts of Skyloft/Walking instead of running off things/Jumping off things at night, and having my Loftwing completely ignore me

Based on the above, my ultimate stretch of Zelda gamepaly would include seomting like this: (placeholder till I get the above table finished)



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