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    • Wind Waker
    • Twilight Princess
    • A Link To The Past


My names Tyler. I'm the master of Zelda Fanon!! Muahaha! Anyway, I'm one of the those br00tal kids. Yeah, favorite bands probably have to Arsonist Get All The Girls, Here Comes The Kraken, Attila, Bring Me The Horizon(Count Your Blessings and Before. Suicide Season just sucks ass.), Black Dahlia Murder and Suicide Silence. I can ownz you at any game if I try, proven fact. I have xbox live so give me some tags! I've played every Zelda out there, not beat them all though. Well I loves me the poptarts, and that's like the only way to when my heart, by buying me a poptart hehe. I am sadly single now :( so hit me up for online dates or if you live by me! ---Somewhere in CA. I'm 14 so no molesters or homos cause I can really f**k you up, serio. I'm in a new band! More stuff will be up when we start getting into gear. Also I don't really get on alot so if you message me, I may take awhile to right back... but yeah... that's me I guess? Also I did copy and paste this from ZF. Why? Cause I'm slazy! That's why!

I started playing zelda games when I was 5. The first one I ever played was The Legend Of Zelda. It was actually my sisters game. They got A Link to past and I couldn't stop playing. My dad's girlfriends daughter and son had a 64 and OoT. That was my first time playin. I like to play other video games. These are my top three other favorite games-

  1. CoD Series
  2. Halo Series
  3. Legacy Of Kain Series

These are my top three hated games. Actually they are all considered number 1 hated-

  1. Final Fantasy series
  2. Metal Gear series
  3. Kingdom Hearts series

I have beaten only some games-

  • Legend Of Zelda:A Link To The Past
  • Legend Of Zelda:Ocarina Of Time
  • Legend Of Zelda:Majora's Mask
  • Legend Of Zelda:Wind Waker
  • Legend Of Zelda:Phantom Hourglass

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My Friends List

These are my friends here at Zeldapedia. They are in my best to least.

  1. Sir Lord Link & Slayer Of Moblins
  2. Lexy &Marexl & Toonlink
  3. Griff
  4. OSZF
  5. Murch
  6. UberPhoeb
  7. Zelda

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Accomplishment Log

I am Sky Spirit Leader Relyt at Temple Of Spirits
Made logo for 7 Sages
Made logo for Hyrule Council
Owner of Zelda Fanon
Deku Leader in the Hyrule Council
I am the Wisdom Triforce in the 7 Sages
Chief of TriCorp
I am Wind Sage at The Sacred Blades


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