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I am Jedimasterlink, an administrator and bureaucrat who is no longer a regular contributor to this wiki. I began my run on Zeldapedia in 2009 and stayed for the better part of eight years before unofficially moving on. I became inspired to write a somewhat-official farewell after seeing that Oni Dark Link had finally retired. (I had seriously come to believe that day would never come -- I'm pretty sure he's the only user who was active here both before and after I was.)

Although this wiki has languished into inactivity in recent years, I'm genuinely proud of what we accomplished here. Obviously, I'm a bit biased, but I believe this wiki was the best //Zelda// resource available at its height (it's still pretty solid), and I'm happy to have played some part in that. I consider the many hours I spent here to have been well-spent, but I haven't had the motivation to contribute regularly in a long time and don't expect that to change since my responsibilities elsewhere continue to grow.

If you came here looking for an admin, I believe Ceiling Master and Green Rupee are the most active admins at the time of this writing. While I may pop in once in a blue moon, I am not likely to be able to help in a timely manner.

To those of you who continue to edit here and to anyone else I knew, I wish you well. To anyone reading this, my username obliges me to remind you that the Force will be with you . . . always!

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This is my talk template.

My Zelda Games

I've played all of the console games plus Phantom Hourglass and A Link Between Worlds. The Oracle games are stuck in my backlog right now. Listed under each game are achievements for each game, the number of times I have beaten them, and some things I'd like to achieve eventually. I have written more detailed reviews for most of the games I have played.

Ocarina of Time

  • Beaten: 3 times
  • Master Quest: beaten once (had to borrow from a friend since I don't own it)
  • Gold Skulltula found: 52/100
  • Acquired Biggoron's Sword
  • Total hearts: 19/20
  • Beaten taking 3-heart challenge

Eventually, I might find those last 2 heart pieces and, if I have a TON of time, all of the Gold Skulltulas.

Majora's Mask

  • Beaten: 5 times
  • Found all 24 Masks
  • Total hearts: 20/20
  • All stray fairies recovered
  • Beaten 100%

I'll definitely try the three-heart challenge and the six-day challenge eventually.

The Legend of Zelda

  • Beaten: twice
  • Second Quest: beaten twice
  • Total hearts: 16/16 on both quests
  • Beaten 1st and 2nd Quests 100% (should be a given I used a guide here, unless you honestly thought I have the patience to bomb every cliffside and burn every tree in the game)

All I can do now is minimize my death count.

Zelda II

  • Beaten: yes (twice!)
  • Found all life bar extensions
  • beaten 100%

Even I'm not crazy enough for a third round. At least not yet...

Four Swords Adventures

  • Beaten: 3 times

The third playthrough was a multiplayer run.

Twilight Princess

  • Beaten: 3 times
  • Found all golden bugs
  • found all imp poe souls (worth noting I used a guide for the last several)
  • total hearts: 20/20
  • beaten 100%
  • Beaten taking 3-heart challenge (okay, that's not much of an achievement)

I may try to clear the Cave of Ordeals with only three hearts. Twice, if I'm having a good day.

A Link to the Past

  • Beaten: 5 times
  • beaten without upgrading sword/mail
  • total hearts: 20/20

May try a 0 deaths run.

The Wind Waker

  • Beaten: 4 times
  • charts: 60/60
  • total hearts: 20/20
  • Nintendo Gallery: about 3/4 complete (I haven't bothered to count the figurines I have)
  • beaten taking 3-heart challenge

All that's left is finishing the Nintendo Gallery.

Phantom Hourglass

  • Beaten: once
  • Charts: 23/31
  • Spirit Gems: 52/60
  • Ship Parts: TBA
  • Temple of the Ocean King record: 25:00
  • Total Hearts: 16/16

Any further progress will likely be added to this playthrough (I don't foresee another one starting anytime soon).

Skyward Sword

  • Beaten: 3 times
  • Gratitude Crystals: 80/80
  • Goddess Cubes: 25/25
  • Total Hearts: 20/20
  • Completed 100%

This game seems well-suited for minimalist playthroughs, so I may try that.

A Link Between Worlds

  • Beaten: twice
  • Maiamai Found: 100
  • Total Hearts: 20
  • Completed 100%

Second playthrough was mostly spent experimenting with dungeon order; turns out, what I consider the most intuitive order is also what I consider the most efficient, at least on normal mode. Hero mode will probably be a little different.

Four Swords

  • Beaten.

Breath of the Wild

  • Beaten: once
  • Memories recovered: 18/18
  • Shrines completed: 112/120
  • Koroks found: 144/900 (!?)
  • Completed Hyrule Compendium (I actually did bother to take pictures of maybe 4/5 of the possible targets before shelling out rupees for the rest)

Zelda Game Rankings

This list starts with the best and goes down to the worst. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the games but Zelda II and Four Swords (though to its credit, the latter is pretty much a proof of concept rather than a fully realized game). Everything above Phantom Hourglass is on my somewhat long list of favorite games.

  1. Majora's Mask
  2. Skyward Sword
  3. The Wind Waker
  4. Ocarina of Time*
  5. Twilight Princess*
  6. A Link Between Worlds
  7. A Link to the Past
  8. Breath of the Wild
  9. Phantom Hourglass
  10. Four Swords Adventures
  11. The Legend of Zelda
  12. Zelda II
  13. Four Swords


Favorite Series

What the header says. I used to have my favorite games listed here, but since I have a hard time sorting out that information (especially since there's a fair number of games I'd like to mention), I've decided to replace that with a list of my favorites series, which I actually can safely order from best to worst, relatively speaking. Under each series, I'll list my favorite three games from that series in alphabetical order while listing the rest of the games I've played in order of release. If there is a clear favorite in that series, it will be in bold. Note that I don't necessarily prefer all games in one series over the games of another; this just shows how I feel about each series as collective wholes.

The Legend of Zelda

  1. Majora's Mask
  2. Skyward Sword
  3. The Wind Waker
Also played: See above. This section is redundant enough as it is.

Fire Emblem

  1. Fates: Conquest
  2. Path of Radiance
  3. Thracia 776
Also played: Mystery of the Emblem, Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, Sword of Seals, Blazing Sword (aka 7 or simply Fire Emblem), The Sacred Stones, Radiant Dawn, Shadow Dragon, "Heroes of Light and Shadow", and the other two Fates routes

Shin Megami Tensei

  1. Apocalypse
  2. Devil Survivor (both the first release and Overclocked; I recommend Overclocked if you don't have either)
  3. Strange Journey
Also played: Nocturne, Devil Survivor 2, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers (the 3DS port), Shin Megami Tensei IV


  1. Persona 3 FES
  2. Persona 4 Golden
  3. Persona Q


  1. Metroid Prime
  2. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
  3. Samus Returns
Also played: Metroid, Super Metroid, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and Other M

Some Notable Stand-Alone Games

Or possibly games that are part of a series that I have not yet had the opportunity to explore. These are simply alphabetical and would be interspersed between each series if I could manage to rank my games individually.

  1. Chrono Trigger (the DS port)
  2. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (disclaimer: should only ever be played in multiplayer)
  3. Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds
  4. The World Ends with You
  5. Xenoblade Chronicles

Pros and Cons of Zelda games

Another thing plenty of other people have done, but hey, it's amusing for all of us (or perhaps not), so let's have at it. Note that the things I dislike generally do not significantly alter my impression of the games -- I just think these things are fun to point out. The the things I like, on the other hand, sometimes help define my impression of the game. Or they might simply be mild amusements.

The Legend of Zelda


  • The catchy, iconic 8-bit music.
  • The Engrish in the original version (more because it's amusing than because it contributes to anything (because it doesn't contribute to anything (other than my amusement, of course)(what, am I not using enough parentheses?))).
  • The lack of a true in-game map. It was annoying at first, but taking the time to make a more precise hand-drawn map was pretty satisfying.


  • The inaptly named "Money-Making Game". No, wait, I take that back--I'm sure the Old Man makes a ton of money off of it.
  • Wizzrobes. They're the most overpowered enemy in the game when they're in swarms.
  • Heck, what am I saying? Everything past about Level 6 is overpowered.
  • Until you have five or six hearts, dying is extremely common. Of the 80 deaths I had on my first playthrough, perhaps just under half were during the early stages of the game. (I know, this is extremely ironic given the above point, but that's how my experience went.)

The Adventure of Link


  • The magic system.
  • Error.


  • That adventure Link has.
  • The title--"The Adventure of Link" just sounds really awkward.
  • Pretty much every enemy not found in the starting field or the first dungeon is overpowered.
  • Thunderbird. That thing must have killed me at least 200 times.

A Link to the Past


  • The opening sequence and its rain effects.
  • The diversity and usefulness of most of the items, especially the Hookshot and Magic Rods.
  • The magic system.
  • The final boss.


  • Most Dark World enemies are overpowered. At least it's not as bad as it was in the last two games.
  • Mothula...the second hardest boss in the series after Zelda II's Thunderbird.
  • What exactly did Ganon mean by "alter-ego" anyway? If he was possessing Aghanim as it appears he was, he's talking nonsense.

Ocarina of Time


  • The Ocarina songs.
  • The Forest Temple, the game's best dungeon and home to its best boss battle. Those things don't usually accompany each other.
  • The plot development during the Child portion.
  • Epona.
  • The Sheikah, even if they mostly only exist in lore.


  • During the later part of the Adult portion, there is very little plot development.
  • The Spirit Temple's concept, while pretty neat, wasn't used to its full potential in my opinion. This bothers me because I can think of several ways to make use of the time-travel idea more effectively.
  • The Marathon. Why does it even exist?
  • Gold Skulltulas. Why the heck are there so many of them, and why can I only ever find half of them!?

Majora's Mask


  • The atmosphere.
  • The story and the characters. If not for that one guy, there would not be a single bad character in this game.
  • Clock Town. Easily the best location in the series.
  • The 3-Day Cycle. Giving the world a fourth dimension makes it feel so much more alive.
  • The Bombers' Notebook.
  • All four dungeons, especially Stone Tower Temple, the best dungeon in the series.
  • Everything about Ikana Canyon.
  • The music.
  • I could go on.


  • You lose all of your Rupees every time you go back in time. Sure, there's a bank, but going to it before playing the Song of Time every single time and making sure I have enough time to do so can be a pain after a while.
  • Some masks, like the Mask of Scents and the Circus Leader's Mask, have no practical use; they aren't need for beating the game, and their limited uses aren't that...errrr...useful.
  • Tingle. Luckily, this is his most benign incarnation.

The Wind Waker


  • The Great Sea and everything that entails -- sailing, the islands, the Sea Charts, and its relevance to the story.
  • The Rito, especially Medli.
  • Tetra and her band of pirates.
  • Many of the other characters.
  • The Earth Temple, one of the most creative dungeons in the series despite its stereotypical catacombs setting. Credits to Medli and the Mirror Shield for making that happen.


  • Tingle, in his most annoying canon incarnation to date (I'm sure he's worse in his own games).
  • The Forbidden Woods. I just don't like it for some reason.
  • The game is centered around and takes place on water, yet there's no water dungeon. I like water dungeons ;_;

Four Swords Adventures


  • It's actually pretty fun with four players...assuming you can find that many people with the appropriate equipment.
  • Tingle's Tower is an entertaining diversion, despite being hosted by, well, Tingle.
  • Phantom Ganon in multiplayer mode.


  • Tingle. At least in this game, there's a good reason to pop his balloon beyond the sadistic pleasure it derives.
  • The game is broken into levels like a platformer when it plays like a simplified adventure game.
  • There are very few actual characters, and all of them are one-dimensional.
  • It's meant for four players, but few people are able to play it that way. The game is much more fun that way; trust me.

Twilight Princess


  • The story and the atmosphere it requires.
  • The twilight realm's visuals.
  • Double Clawshots. Heck yes.
  • The City in the Sky, for housing a second Clawshot and being a great dungeon.
  • The Temple of Time, for being an even better dungeon.
  • The Cave of Ordeals. A gauntlet like this is very appropriate for a game that focuses so much on the combat aspect of the gameplay.


  • Wolf Link was sorely underutilized in the second half of the game, and his abilities were highly underdeveloped.
  • There is a lot of searching in this game--60 Poe Souls, 24 Golden Bugs, and 45 Heart Pieces. That's more than I can handle without a guide, mostly because I find it boring.
  • Rollgoal. It's not as bad for me as it is for some, but it's still annoying.
  • Agitha is about as annoying as Tingle...that squeal of a voice of hers drives me insane.
  • Despite being an entophile (yes, that's a word...it is now, anyway), she thinks snails are bugs while even someone with only a passing interest in this sort of thing (namely me) can tell you snails are gastropods, not arthropods.
  • The enormous yet empty overworld.

Phantom Hourglass


  • The stylus controls.
  • The note-taking system (which may or may not go with the above).
  • The Temple of the Ocean King. Yes, this is in the right section.
  • There are actual, useful rewards for those blasted collecting sidequests.


  • The difficulty (or lack thereof). Why does Nintendo think easier games are better these days?
  • The almost nonexistent story.
  • Ship parts. If they're going to be random, can the probability that I will get a duplicate be lowered?
  • Neptoona. I think a fourth of my playthrough before clearing the main story was devoted to catching that blasted thing.
  • Bellum. Worst. Villain. Ever.

Skyward Sword


  • The epic story.
  • The motion controls.
  • Many of the characters.
  • Biff Tannen Gaston Groose.
  • Skyloft, the second best location in the series.
  • Zelda, for being an interesting character rather than a MacGuffin.
  • The Sandship and the Lanayru Mining Facility, featuring Timeshift Stones.


  • You can't fly at night? Why not?
  • Speaking of the sky, it's a barren wasteland.
  • This game, more than any other Zelda game I've played, seems like it's trying to utterly destroy the space-time continuum.
  • Apparently, the Beetle, the Clawshots, and the Bug Net are the only items worthy of having extensive overworld applications.
  • I will never, ever need even 5,000 Rupees at once. So what's the point of having a maximum capacity of 9,900 Rupees?

A Link Between Worlds


  • The polished back-to-basics feel is probably what I'll remember this game for.
  • Despite the above, the interesting new mechanics -- merging and the stamina gauge both felt well-executed to me.
  • The non-linearity.
  • Basically zero hand-holding (or if those question-mark ghosts I never looked for were really common, it wasn't intrusive).
  • The sheer abundance of Rupees actually felt justified for the first three-quarters of the game or so.


  • The Triforce backstory appears to contradict that of earlier games. I haven't thought this through that much yet, though.
  • Yuga wasn't terribly interesting as a villain or as a character. Certainly better than Bellum, but that says nothing.
  • Is it just me, or were the minigames by far the most punishing part of this game?

Breath of the Wild


  • The combat system is at least as good as what we got in TP.
  • Combat itself is often an actual challenge. (See also: Lynels and Guardians.)
  • Manipulating the entire interior of the main story dungeons was a neat idea.
  • For as many shrines as there are, I found a good number of them to be well-designed and appreciate that so many of them have multiple solutions.
  • Zelda has a relatable character arc that's told decently well, in spite of being able to find each segment in any possible order.


  • The world feels so dead and empty, to the point that Calamity Ganon's success in the past seems like an excuse for this shortcoming. For a point of comparison, I didn't get this feeling from the Great Sea in TWW.
  • I missed having a lot of the classic Zelda items. The Hookshot in particular seems like it could have been a good fit for the direction of this game.
  • The voice acting is very much a mixed bag.
  • Especially following SS's dramatic orchestral pieces, most of the music in this game struck me as incredibly dull. Ambient music doesn't need to be 75% silence; just listen to a good number of the dungeon tracks in previous entries, or, heck, the music found in other open-world style games.
  • Calamity Ganon, as a character, is only marginally more interesting to me than Bellum, and the final boss battle (i.e. the last phase) is easily the worst in the series for being as mindlessly easy as the first boss in a lot of the previous games.


You might have seen these once or twice around here. If you haven't, you clearly have not looked at enough userpages yet. Here they are again. Enjoy.

FS isn't getting its own rows at all because it often doesn't even contain the sort of content that I would judge, and when it does, comparing a simple proof of concept to some of gaming's finest simply isn't fair. FSA is missing several rows because it's lacking in some areas like FS was, and a lot of its features could be considered equivalent to ALttP anyway.

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''[[The Legend of Zelda]]'' ([[1987]])
''[[Zelda II: The Adventure of Link|The Adventure of Link]]'' ([[1988]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past|A Link to the Past]]'' ([[1992]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening|Link's Awakening]]'' ([[1993]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time|Ocarina of Time]]'' ([[1998]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask|Majora's Mask]]'' ([[2000]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages|Oracle of Ages]]'' ([[2001]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons|Oracle of Seasons]]'' ([[2001]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords|Four Swords]]'' ([[2002]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker|The Wind Waker]]'' ([[2003]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures|Four Swords Adventures]]'' ([[2004]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap|The Minish Cap]]'' ([[2005]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess|Twilight Princess]]'' ([[2006]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass|Phantom Hourglass]]'' ([[2007]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks|Spirit Tracks]]'' ([[2009]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword|Skyward Sword]]'' ([[2011]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds|A Link Between Worlds]]'' ([[2013]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes|Tri Force Heroes]]'' ([[2015]])
''[[The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild|Breath of the Wild]]'' ([[2017]])

''[[Hyrule Warriors]]'' ([[2014]])
''[[Hyrule Warriors Legends]]'' ([[2016]])


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I like Star Wars...

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Cool page..I went through a Star War phase when I was about...8.Signed

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Star Wars = Epic. The Legend of Zelda = Epic. Star Wars + The Legend of Zelda = EPIC

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Nice page you've got here. I really need to make my page better. Here's my sign!

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Hi. I am signing this page!

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Hello, signed. (Star Wars rules.)
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Yay for stuff no longer being a theory. :D

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Signed, I have. Like Star Wars, I do as well.

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signed ;D

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signed star wars=EPIC

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Zoip. I thought I might just return the signage! I wonder, though, what was it that brought you to my humble page? Just.... curious...... heh heh heh heh............ ke ke ke KE KE KE KE!
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Signing the page of a fellow Fire Emblem fan. Hawk Laguz rock!

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^I completely agree. Oh, signed.
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Oh! Oh! I know the star wars theme on guitar! I signed this page.

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Nice page!!! Just so you know, I might use some of your userboxes..... signed! --Xgamer92 (talk) 19:49, August 13, 2011 (UTC)

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It appears that I have yet to sign. Weird. So yup. Signing now.

Star wars = BEST. MOVIES. EVER. Well, due to not having (nor knowing how to make) a Word Bubble, this is the best I've got... Lincas1You stand before a demon... or should I say, a weapon without mercy! 22:31, December 23, 2011 (UTC)

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I'm signing.... signing... signing.... And now I'm done --Abrahamlinkoln 18:07, January 5, 2012 (UTC)

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:O I haven't signed here. So here you go.

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I signed

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Totally forgot to sign earlier. Anyways return signage.
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I placed on your user page a bomb. If you click on it... BOOOOM
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Signed. Sign back plz...