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Born January 29th
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Other names Minish
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Term Several years
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About me

Hi, I'm Minish Link and self-descriptions are not my forte. I'm an administrator here, which essentially means that if you have any questions for me I am contractually obligated to can hopefully answer them. If you need anything, contact me here. I like mathematics, music, and good food, and I dislike conflict, heavy workloads and mean people.

Zelda games I've completed

An asterisk denotes 100% completion.

  • Ocarina of Time + Ocarina of Time 3D
  • The Wind Waker
  • The Minish Cap
  • Twilight Princess
  • Four Swords (Anniversary)
  • Skyward Sword*
  • A Link Between Worlds*


  • Sheik is female.
  • The TP and MM Skull kids are the same.
  • Link was looking for Navi in the beginning of MM. This is practically not even a theory.
  • The deformed tree at the beginning of Majora's Mask is the Deku Butler's Sun, whose soul is within the Deku Mask.
  • The Stone Tower Temple is an insult to the Goddesses.
  • The Keaton Mask Soldier is the Boy in the Graveyard's dad.

  • The Crenel Hermit is a Blade Brother. ...
  • Zant is anything that's not a Twili.
  • Link is mute.
  • The Multiple Ganon Theory.
  • Jabu Jabu is Jabun.
  • Stallord is Volvagia. Please.
  • The World of the Ocean King is Termina. Let me quote Jedimasterlink here: "If they are the same place since they are both alternate dimensions, Link and Ganondorf are the same person since they are both people! LOLOLOL LINK KILLS HIMSELF!!!!111one"

  • The Goddess Harp is the harp that Sheik uses in Ocarina of Time. I'd like to believe this though there's very little evidence; though the two look practically identical (especially in OoT3D).

  • Funny Edits

    Apparently, a Dark Knight achieved a crystal. I still can't figure out if we're talking about meth here or not.

    What about the Pink ChuChus? Because pink is love, and a humanitarian like me loves people.

    Show your du rag, bling, and freestyle raps...

    ...the road to the hood shall open.

    02:33 (Upload log) . . AuronKaizer (Talk | contribs) uploaded "File:Idol (6 Days a Sacrifice).png" (== Summary == The Idol from 6 Days a Sacrifice. == Licensing == {{fairuse} Category:6 Days a Sacrifice Item Images) 02:33 (Deletion log) . . AuronKaizer (Talk | contribs) deleted "File:Idol (6 Days a Sacrifice).png" (WOW...you don't often get fails of this magntitude...wrong wiki.)

    So I heard Lord Jabu-Jabu and the Wind Fish have a thing going...

    AuronKaizer sends his love.

    I think it's an anniversary present.

    It's the newest advancement in Template technology.

    I think AK must've gotten a hold of one of those bootleg flux capacitors.

    And while we're at it, I'd like you to meet my husband, Ellen Page.

    Someone slept on the couch that night...

    AK catches someone in the act of endumbenating an article.

    Yes, it's perfect.

    WARNING: This article is too valuable and awesome to exist.

    Funny edit versus sea creature in a bottle.

    My studies indicate that some males are attracted to "breasts". Interesting...

    Although most people don't think they are not in twighlight princess, the are.

    They are also referred to as "De-De's.

    Did You Know That Japan Is Less Strict On Violence,Blood,Nudity,Sexual Content. I didn't.

    And the invaders crept in and slowly began turning Zeldapedia into an erotic fanfiction site.

    Virgin: Yes, because you just did this.

    Well? Which is it?

    The Twilight Rrealm

    If you look at it while on drugs in a mild coma, you can see that this shows tremendous character growth and maturity.

    The Moon is known for going to Termina to obtain a hug.


    Way to tell him, FD.

    I like to incorporate the word "Objection of Affection" into sentences.

    I had a little issue with resizing an image, okay?

    The mind boggles.

    i cannot verified what will happen to you


    So if this is the Legend of Groose, that means there's a Princess Groose, right? ...God, I hope so.

    Not that Party Wheel is that much better.

    I'm so sorry.

    For the Bleach fans out there.

    They have a point.

    Well, since asked so nicely...

    In which I do a good thing.

    My first edit

    In case you were wondering.


    Probably tragically outdated, but hey, what are you gonna do.


    Category Best 2nd Best 3rd Best Worst
    Game Skyward Sword The Wind Waker A Link Between Worlds Phantom Hourglass
    Story Skyward Sword The Wind Waker A Link Between Worlds The Legend of Zelda
    Graphical Style The Wind Waker Skyward Sword The Minish Cap Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks
    Overworld The Wind Waker Skyward Sword The Minish Cap Four Swords Adventures
    Dungeons Skyward Sword The Wind Waker The Minish Cap Zelda II
    Music The Wind Waker A Link Between Worlds The Minish Cap Four Swords Adventures
    Characters Skyward Sword The Wind Waker Link's Awakening The Legend of Zelda
    Overall Female Character Zelda (SS) Fi Midna Old Woman (TLoZ)
    Overall Male Character Groose Ganondorf (TWW) Linebeck Dodoh
    Companion Fi Midna King of Red Lions


    Only putting down favourites/least favourites for games I've played a significant amount of...

    Category Best 2nd Best 3rd Best Worst
    The Legend of Zelda Old Man Secret Moblin Merchant Old Woman
    Link's Awakening Owl Marin Tarin Angler Fish
    Ocarina of Time Sheik Nabooru Darunia Mido
    The Wind Waker Ganondorf King of Red Lions Tetra Makar
    The Minish Cap Ezlo Vaati Librari Borlov
    Twilight Princess Midna Zant Lord Bullbo Fyer
    Phantom Hourglass Linebeck Oshus Ciela Self-proclaimed Hero
    Spirit Tracks Linebeck III Byrne Princess Zelda Chancellor Cole
    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Groose Zelda Fi Dodoh

    Things I Like and Dislike

    Some people have specific lists of things they dislike or like in Zelda games, so this is both. For things I like, I'm just listing things I specifically like more than the rest of the game, obviously. Since I do like most Zelda games a lot, the things I dislike are usually just things I find annoying, so even if I list a lot for one game, it doesn't necessarily mean that I dislike it.

    The Legend of Zelda

    Things I like:

    • The dungeon theme
    • The Old Man
    • Dungeons

    Things I dislike:

    • How easy it is to get lost in the overworld
    • How you can actually go through dungeons without getting the item which is what made me forget the Magical Boomerang
    • How hard hearts are to find

    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

    Things I like:

    • Error
    • The Palace theme

    Things I dislike:

    • How easy it is to die

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    Things I like:

    • Many of the items
    • Overworld gameplay
    • The graphics

    Things I dislike:

    • How easy it is to die
    • How hard hearts are to find
    • Dungeons

    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

    Things I like:

    • Marin
    • The Owl
    • Koholint

    Things I dislike:

    • Brutality
    • The fact that the dungeons are cesspits of pain

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    Things I like:

    • The Water Temple
    • The Spirit Temple
    • The Mirror Shield
    • Sheik
    • Most other dungeons
    • Ocarina songs
    • Biggoron's Sword
    • Epona

    Things I dislike:

    • The nonexistent plot
    • All three of the child Link dungeons
    • Ganon's Tower/Castle/Whatever-the-hell

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

    Things I like:

    • The Masks
    • Overworld gameplay
    • Sidequests

    Things I dislike:

    • I didn't dislike Great Bay Temple and Woodfall Temple, but I did not like them at all and found them kind of annoying
    • Deku Playground

    The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

    Things I like:

    • The graphics
    • The Harp of Ages
    • Crescent Moon Island and the Tokay

    Things I dislike:

    • Crown Dungeon

    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

    Things I like:

    • Tetra and the pirates
    • Outset Island is probably my favorite starting location in a Zelda game
    • The soundtrack
    • The Tower of the Gods
    • The Great Sea
    • Sailing
    • Sidequests
    • The story
    • Ganondorf (this is the only incarnation of his that I like and he is a really great character and villain)
    • Ganondorf fight
    • Most other boss fights
    • Ganon's Tower
    • The final scene and ending in general
    • The graphics

    Things I dislike:

    • The Wind Temple
    • Having to play the Wind's Requiem all the time
    • Having to pay 398 rupees per Triforce Chart deciphering
    • Floormasters

    The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (Anniversary Edition)

    Things I like:

    • Most general gameplay
    • The concept of the Realm of Memories and its aesthetics

    Things I dislike:

    • How ridiculously difficult the Realm of Memories seems in comparison with the rest of the game
    • How Rupee Likes take something like twenty hits to defeat
    • The fact that Rupees have such a crucial part in the game and I don't even know the use of them aside from revivals
    • How nearly every time you activate a switch 1 - 5 waves of monsters appear out of nowhere instead of just being there
    • The 'monster' music

    The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

    Things I like:

    • Palace of the Winds
    • Temple of Droplets
    • Roc's Cape
    • Sword techniques
    • The overworld
    • The graphics
    • The library quest thing
    • Ezlo

    Things I dislike:

    • Substitutional Kinstone fusions
    • Dark Hyrule Castle
    • The Vaati fight

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    Things I like:

    • The overworld
    • The design for the City in the Sky
    • Soundtrack
    • Items
    • Double Clawshots
    • The Wolf Link function
    • The Twilight Realm
    • Midna
    • The graphics (but not as much as TWW)
    • Many of the areas

    Things I dislike:

    • Dungeons
    • 5 Pieces of Heart per container
    • Ganondorf fight

    The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    Things I like:

    • Sailing
    • Linebeck

    Things I dislike:

    • Literally everything else

    The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

    Things I like:

    • Zelda
    • Linebeck III

    Things I dislike:

    • The fact that train gameplay detracts from the exploration aspect of the game
    • Dark trains

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Things I like:

    • Nearly all of the bosses
    • Every dungeon except the Sky Keep
    • The very-well-done story
    • The graphics
    • Zelda
    • Fi
    • GROOSE
    • Ghirahim
    • Flying in the sky
    • The atmosphere of Skyloft
    • The Eldin Volcano stealth section
    • The Lanayru Sandsea

    Things I dislike:

    • Moldarach
    • The fact that you need to save and quit to reboot Goddess Walls
    • The Sky Keep
    • Dodoh
    • The fact that in Lightning Round, you need to quit to get the prize (i.e. you can't just beat eight bosses to get both the Hylian Shield and Piece of Heart)

    The Legend of Groose

    Things I like:

    • Groose
    • How awesome Groose is
    • How clever Groose is
    • How good-looking Groose is
    • How Groose wins
    • How Groose defeats all the villains
    • The Groosenator

    Things I dislike:

    • Nothing

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    Things I like:

    • Soundtrack
    • Graphics
    • Upgraded Master Sword
    • Dungeons
    • Overworld
    • Item upgrade system

    Things I dislike:

    • Every minigame


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