Oh god! It's hideous! What's hideous I hear you ask? It's Oasis. You probably don't know because you've been using Oasis all this time, in fact, you probably don't even know what Oasis is, but the truth is that, visually, the wiki didn't used to look this crap. Once upon a time there was a thing called Monaco that was sleek, stylish and had a handy build in chat box. But then wiki went and deleted that to push Oasis on everyone. I suspect it was because Oasis is much more open to addspace with it's lay out while Monaco was really tactful about it. Fortunately they left us Monobook, until now it seems. Monobook isn't an option in my preference any more and that just plain sucks. So much so that I'm leaving the wiki over it.

Okay, well I'm not leaving the wiki over just that. There's many, many reasons for it. Chief of which, is that I'm not the stupid kid I was ten years ago (yes, I hung around here for ten years, I have a bit of pride about that fact). When I started editing here I was massively error prone and troublesome, but I was more passionate about all things Zelda. That passion hasn't dwindled over the years, I still get a play every game I physically can on day 1, but my passion for writing and talking about it online certainly has dwindled as time passed. I wish I could make myself care about this place like I did back then, but as Beth said to Gerry, loving you is hard. It's hard work to make myself care and it takes time to do so, time which I should be spending on something else. Something that I actually enjoy. It doesn't help that a large portion of the people who I once considered my friends here have slowly dropped off as the years passed. For more of my ramblings of yee old days or yore, check out this diatribe I wrote about things on the anniversary of the sight (which holy cow was three years ago!).

I will always love this place, will always have fond memories of it, but it's well passed time to move on. If I'm here to find information and I see some vandalism or misinformation in the process, I might make an edit or two, but the main idea is that I no longer consider myself having a vested interest in the site. So if there's any site wide decisions to be made, I will not be taking part. I will keep my Bureaucrat powers for the time being, as the wiki simply doesn't have enough of them currently. I'll also always be open for advice if anyone wishes to hear my opinion on a matter (I'm probably one of the only ones who knows some of the numerous unwritten rules the site runs by which we've basically tried to write down ever since day one, but some how didn't manage to). I believe that's everything I wanted to say, so good luck to you all. I wish the best for this wiki, all it's users and the Zelda series. If you're someone in the far flung future reading this after seeing my name on a talk page or edit history, then know Oni Dark Link was a thing here for a long time and is no more.

Seriously, love you all <3