Hello my name is Spencer, but I am better known as ShutUpNavi on this wiki. I am a huge fan of the Zelda series and have played most of the games in the series with the exceptions of Links Awakening and the Oracle Games. After being absent from Zeldapedia for awhile I'm looking to come back for a bit, especially once I get Hyrule Historia. If you need anything feel free to ask on my talk page, but keep in mind I probably won't be able to respond that very quickly.

To do list

Below is a list of things I want but have yet to do to the Wiki.

  • Edit the Hyrule Historia page.
  • Edit the Mogma page.
  • Fix up the TMC page.
  • Fix up the Four Swords page.
  • Expand upon OOT's development.
  • Add things about the TP beta.


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