"Do you know the prophecy of the Great Cataclysm? This is the way I heard it...If a person who has an evil heart gets the Triforce, a Hero is destined to appear... and he alone must face the person who began the Great Cataclysm."
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TheNewSheik – Shadow is neither dark nor light, is the twilight between Hyrule perfection and the greed of the people…
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The Shadow Folk the only race that know every secret of Hyrule, but they knew too much. Now are what they always wanted to be… shadows. When Hyruleans forget them for completely they will rise again.

I'm a Zelda fan, I love to investigate the secrets and theories about the Zelda series. As many fans, I started in the The Legend of Zelda universe in the Nintendo 64 generation with the legendary and extraordinary The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, from that game I became a huge Zelda series fan (fanatic about everything it compiles). I've now investigated almost every point in series, when I discovered this wikia and this one I was excited. When I have time I will check the most articles I can. Apologize me if you don't understand something that I wrote or if it has lack of coherence, I'm not a native english.

I'm working now and forever in Sheikah's article because it was almost a stub when I read it. The Sheikah is one of the races with more theories and importance in all the series, they are the little clues that the developers left in the game to understand the timeline, that is why there are just a few but they matter the whole.

Now Sheikah article is complete with quotes and theories and all as I expected, but I will continuously try to make it the best. Now I'm a more casual user, but I'll expect to return with big edition when The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword comes.

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Wikia staff be mercyful! (with the redesigning)

The Wikia staff tends to make changes to the whole Wikias without even asking for approval, here are some complainings:

I don't know what happened to the watchlist link a the right top of the page but I want it back, while it's not there I will need a clandestine spell for the new Sheikah Watchtower. Anyway with the new Wikia design, we lost both the Watchlist and Home (see forums). Watchlist still available thought.

I won't say too much, because it looks like a some people like the new Wikia look, I just hate it. Green margin and a Golden "THIS IS WIKIA" rectangle on the top left are just not worthy of all the trouble they make, there are no more link on the right to look casual content, no direct link to the forums, and now some pictures are out of adjustment and the Zeldapedia home looks ugly now, seriously this template is hateful. Makes me want to leave the wikia. I'm complaining now on Here, if you like give your opinion about it.

PD: Also it looks like the titles of the sections don't make difference with the bold font of the normal text.

Last change: They added a big template in each users page, who really wants to add their real occupation, location, and birthday? Please do something right and come back to the old wikia look, I'm starting to getting sick.


If you want to find me on ZeldaWiki, find for the same user name. I have an account there just to discuss and talk with them.

See their Sheikah article PLAGIARISM here: [1].
. You can find my talk with them in the discussion of the same article.

Articles that I have been working on

Robed Zelda.png
  1. Sheikah - and every article relationed with this tribe, like Wooden Statue, Impaz, Hidden Village, Impa, Shikashi, Shadow Temple, Composer Brothers, Hero's Charm
  2. I created and pictured: House of Skulltula & Skulltula family- also probable Sheikah xD
  3. Gossip Stone (I create and write: Gossip Stone/Quotes) & Howling Stone - also Sheikah's xD
  4. Unicorn Fountain (I created, writed and pictured the article).
  5. Astral Observatory - unstubbed and picture add.
  6. Ghost Keeper - Sheikah xD
  7. Baga Tree - I don't know why I started to do this.
  8. Agahnim - I made a few inclutions.
  9. Six Medallions - Made a huge edition there… Also most of the curiosity info.
  10. Ganon's Castle - (see discussions) also added the manga and trivia sections.
  11. The Legend of Zelda Secrets - adding four new secrets.
  12. Sheikah/Quotes - created dividing the quotes from Sheikah article to this one.
  13. Rito this ones make me mad, they can be descendants even from ants haha (created the Gerudo theory and making some cleanup) - I'm looking over Koboli too (I found his figurine quote) making my Rito-Red hair link. UPDATE: One day someone noticed that five years ago Eiji Aonuma said that the Rito are officially evolution of the Zora, so anyway my work there is pointless, check my theories below for more detail.
  14. Skull Kid (race) - cleaning, quoting and adding some info.
  15. Gravekeeper's Hut - it was before called Dampe's Dairy, I proposed to move to the new name, and make the cleaning to complement.
  16. Majora's Mask (mask) - A huge edition there, cleaning, quoting, adding info (some bio, the abilities, things done by the mask, Meele, more manga), picturing the manga, illustrating, gallery-ing, japanese name, theory, etc.
  17. Knights of Hyrule - created it, with all their sections (4), quotes, illustration of the Imprisoning War and uploaded the Blue Knight, (plus some manga stuff). I'm proud of it, I finally did it, this was necessary. Also changed the name of the Hylian Knights to Hyrulean Soldiers, the proper name (including all articles links).
  18. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Prologue - creation and illustration, adding Agahnim's image to the wikia with it. Copyed the ALttP SNES from ZeldaLegends.com, and typed all ALttP GBA manual.
  19. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap/Prologue - typed the in-game prologue.
  20. Sheikah Stone, created, wrote it, and gave it image. A long time since I don't write an article. (6/18/2011)


  • YES!!!! SHEIKAH IS A FEATURED!!! I've finished my Masterpiece, now Sheikah is a featured article!!! This is my first FA in a wiki ever!! I feel so damm fullfill, I spent a lot of time in that article… I searched trough a lot of webpages and forum, read the manga, passed (again) Ocarina of Time, asked my friends…at last this is the (is just an opinion) the best article of Sheikah in all the cyberspace, in all languages :D I should try a new race… Deku, Oocoo, Twili… xD :D Well, SHEIKAH IS FEATURED AND I WROTE IT!!!!! (Thanks to AuronKaizer for the cleaning) (2 Octuber 2008)
  • YEY!! Sheikah is on the Main Page!!! (19 October 2008)
  • !!!!!!!!!! I now have rollback, to bust vandalism around here. Im grateful to CC, XK, BlT, T14, SL, and all that have supported me on the wikia. (08/25/2009)

Discusions and battles

Ganon's Tower- The OoT one should be Ganon's Castle

  • I created an example page to discuss this issue: User:TheNewSheik/Ganon'sCastle
  • Finally the name, and the page were replaced, thanks to AK (02/17/09)
  • Now wheter to decide if it should remain as two articles (the dungeon and the location) or not.
  • END: Divided at last.

There is a fight in the Temple of Courage, Garos against Sheikah, I'm trying to lead the Shadows to victory, even when Garo started with advantage.

  • Wow!!!! Yeah Sheikah won :D But hehe Was a really close battle, the Garo fought well like real rivals. We Sheikah should honor them. (02/22/2009)

Discussing the Hyrule article, proposed to create a new page to then erase the old one. (02/24/09)

  • The proposition was accepted and Hero of Time89 created the new page.
  • Edited the page, added some sections, wrote the goverment part. (02/25/09)
  • Discussing the idea that there is too long the "history" section…
  • END: There is now a simpler page.

Disccusing Marine Biologist and Lake Hylia Professor

  • They have both the same info so we should put them in a new one with a different name not separate them…
  • END: Finished as one article, Lake Professor or something like that.

Asking for rollback promotion

  • Proposition done here. I wil wait now… (08/24/2009)
  • END: I have now rollback powers.

Asking to merge Majora with Majora's Mask (mask) article.

  • Waiting a response for the merge, Majora article just seem to speculative, unneeded and even fancy.
  • UNFINISHED: If someone wants to retake the issue talk to me.


I'm adicted to Sheikah, this is the Sheikah article before I started to edit it: OLD Stinky Stub Shiekah article.

I added everything in that article, the thing that were there already, I changed them… if you don't believe I'm the principal editor and "Featurator" check the history…… a note, Carimba2 is me, I created that user because I lost my pasword once.

My last editions there:

  • Hero's Charm curiosity (Wind Waker section (10/24/08).
  • More info in Sheikah Katanas and their scabbards (Manga section 10/31/08).
  • Legends of the Shadow Folk (11/20/08) made a huge addition.
  • In Super Smash Bros (01/17/09) someone included something about it, but I cleaned it and included a few more things the way it is XD.
  • Deleted some redundant info added by unknown users (02/15/09).
  • Added a paragraph of supporting info to Twili/Interlopers Theory based on the manga, thank to noticing of Hero of Time 87 (02/15/09).
  • Fixing details in Twili theory (the Royal Family betrayed the Sheikah, not viceversa) also included the Template:TLoZSeriesNav. (02/17/09).
  • Separated the quotes to a new article called Sheikah/Quotes. (07/24/09).
  • The Running Man is Sheikah, along with the Postman from Majora's making a mailing connection with the Rito. (8/14/2009).
  • Added Koboli as a closed eyed, postman descedant as connection to the Rito with the Skulltula lineage. (8/15/2009).
  • Added a whole new theory The Wanted Man, all about the Wanted signs in Hidden Village. (8/27/2009) (unnaproved).
  • Added Template:Nihongo.
  • Fighting crazy theories and vandalism in the article, made by unknown IP users. (lately 2009 and 2010).
  • Adding text about Twilight Sword, thanks to the user CABAL, I just clean it. Good add. (23/08/2010).


Here my forum articles:


Here is a little gallery of the images I've uploaded in order chronological.


Now there groups no more. Now my word bubbles that stood here were erased. Anyway, I was the Sage of Shadow at 7 Sages group, a Sheikah member of the Hyrule Council and also the Xemnas team leader at The Organization XIII group.

My Duty in the Wikia

  • Manage everything related to Sheikah.
  • Create new pages that are really needed.
  • Upload new images to illustrate the articles.
  • Keep order, clean the articles and maintain the Wikia.
  • Write theories, cautiously.
  • Discuss articles that need attention.

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A recollection of polls, if you have time, please leave your opinion:

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TheNewSheik – Shadow is neither dark nor light, is the twilight between Hyrule perfection and the greed of the people…
TALK – Favorite article: Sheikah
If you selected You missed one… in the favorite universe poll, then tell what it is! Leave your comments at the end of the page.

Sheikah Links

Here is selected all the links to the material in the wikia related to the Sheikah, also due to some other wiki argumentation, I wanted to point out that some of the descriptions given here are under my belief and can be theories unconfirmed by any official Nintendo source:


  • Impa (The only true Sheikah confirmed in the series).
  • Sheik (A Pseudo-Sheikah).
  • Impaz (Last remaining Sheikah in Twilight Princess).
  • Fanadi (A fortune-teller with all Sheikah characteristic and emblematic).

Possible Sheikah and related:

  • One-eyed-man (Possibly a legendary Sheikah, creator of many Sheikah artifacts):
    • Bongo Bongo (The one red eyed Shadow Temple boss).
    • Ghost Keeper (A mysterious man-ghost with one red big eye and the ability to read minds).
    • Vaati (Villain that has Sheikah physical appearance and one big eye monster transformation).
  • Red Haired and Closed eyes Family (Probably a Sheikah family, all its members have Shadow Folk connections):
  • Kafei (Madame Aroma's son, physically Sheikah).
  • Composer Brothers (Two deceased brothers probably Sheikah).
  • Baito (He has a Sheikah emblem tattooed on his back).
  • Agahnim (A dark wizard from a unknow race with an eye symbol, Sheikah?).
  • Koboli (Descendant of the Postman).

Heirlooms, items, artifacts and more:

  • Mask of Truth (A mind reading mask passed down by the Sheikah).
  • Gossip Stone (Stones they Sheikah created and scattered through the overworld to spy).
  • Lens of Truth (An item with the Sheikah emblem that can see illusions, ghost, and invisible things).
  • Wooden Statue (An old little Sheikah emblem figurine that comes from the Sheikah village).
  • Howling Stone (A different version of the Gossip Stones)
  • Deku Nut (They use them to disappear out of sight).
  • Pirate's Charm (Enhanced Gossip Stone).
  • Fused Shadow (A Sheikah marked powerful Dark Interloper's artifact).
  • Zant's Throne (The Twili leader has his seat Sheikah eye marked).
  • Twilight Sword (The sword of Zant, eye symbol on the pommel).
  • All-Night Mask (A red eyed and pointed ear mask).
  • Hero's Charm (A mask that has two Sheikah symbols as eyes).
  • Sheikah Stone (New type of Gossip Stones that appear in Ocarina of Time 3D).
  • Sheikah/Quotes (All quotes related to the Sheikah).


Interracial connections:

The ones that I think could be Sheikah (Unproved Sheikah):

Belief, Trivias and Theories

Theory warning: This section contains theoretical information based on the research of one or several other users. It has not been officially verified by Nintendo and its factual accuracy is disputed.

All here next is some crazy info not to be taken as fact, many of the TLoZ things next aren't confirmed by any Nintendo official source, and are free for discussion. Check also Sheikah Theories in Sheikah Article. Additionally it's probable that the info here has to be updated.


Here are compiled most of the theories I believe, theories I think are factible if Nintendo wants to confirm it and theories I think are close to the whatever is the real intention of the Zelda developers.

  • Sheikah is the best race.
  • Ocarina of Time is the best videogame of all time.
  • A true timeline for TLoZ has been created by Nintendo.
    • The games don't fit in the timeline because there are missing games.
    • The Split Timeline is a fact.
    • Ocarina of Time is the first game in the timeline.
  • Sheikah is the best race.
  • Some of the Sheikah betrayed the Royal Family, some not.
    • Basically I believe that an "evil" portion of the Sheikah, started the Hyrulean Civil War, so they became the Dark Interlopers, evolving into the Twili.
    • The Dark Interlopers created the Majora's Mask (mask).
    • If some Sheikah became the Dark Interlopers, then they are the creators of Majora's Mask.
  • Kaepora Gaebora is obviously Rauru.
  • Hero's Shade is the Hero of Time, and some kind linked by blood with Twilight Princess Link.
  • Some Links are descendants from the Knights of Hyrule, maybe one of them founded it.
  • I believe in most of the theories written in the Sheikah article.
  • The Four Swords subseries come after the Great Flood and the discovery of new Hyrule.
  • Sheikah is the best article in this wikia.
  • Zeldapedia will win against this one.
  • The hystory and events chapters in this wikia are too theoretical. (This is changing).
  • There is a fourth Godess (or more).
  • Termina (and mask transformation) should return in a next installment.
  • TLoZ needs to improve in audio: orchestrated music and voice-acting.
    • Link should never talk (only scream xD…)
  • Fierce Deity is so damm awesome!
  • Sheikah is the best race.
  • The Rito are more than evolved Zora… (Sheikah!).
  • The Shadow Temple goes before Spirit Temple.
  • Termina is unrelated to the Three Godesses and Hyrule.
  • Link was looking for Navi when he went to Termina.
  • Deku Mask has the spirit of Deku Butler's son, his body was the deformed tree at the beginning of Majora's Mask.
  • Death Mountain is Dragon Roost Island.
  • Link and Princess Zelda don't have any love relationship, at the most, maybe brothers.
  • Jabun is a reincarnation of Jabu-Jabu.
  • Nintendo developers quotes have to be taking carefully and not as direct canon, they sometimes contradict or change of idea with new games.
  • I should improve this User Page…


Here are full theories made by me or at least supported by some Zelda fans. This theories were once on the Sheikah article but were erased due to fault of consistence or discarded due to new Nintendo material. Maybe this section should be tittled Fail theories, and are theories to not take in full account, but they are related to Sheikah anyway.

Sheikah evolving into Rito

Medli, one of the Rito (note the red eyes and pointed ears)

In The Wind Waker there is a race known as the Rito whose distinctions include red eyes and pointed ears. There is a possibility that the Sheikah race evolved to survive the Great Flood. Some other facts that support this theory is the similarity of Dragon Roost Island and Death Mountain; if the two are indeed the same mountain, the Sheikah could have traveled from Kakariko Village to this neighboring mountain. Additionally, the dungeon associated with the Rito is the Earth Temple, which is similar to the Shadow Temple.

One of the most frequently discussed theories about the origins of the Rito is their probable evolution from the Zora, however, somewhere along the evolutionary path the two races became mixed. They could be a combination of these two races - Valoo provides the race wings. Also the Zora sage, Laruto, and Medli, her successor, both carried a harp, an instrument used by Sheik. The Hookshot that Link finds in Kakariko Graveyard with help from Sheik, is another probable Sheikah item; an object similar to this, in terms of climbing or crossing distances, is the Grappling Hook. Medli tells Link that this item comes from her ancestors. This indicates a connection with the Sheikah rather than the Zora, as Zoras are reputedly not good climbers and would not require the use of a Grappling Hook.

Additionally, the red hair, as a characteristic of the Sheikah (seen in Skulltula Family, Happy Mask Salesman and Madame Aroma), is a theory that also helps the Sheikah-Rito evolution theory, because the only hair color the Rito show are white and red, that reflect the only colors seen in Sheikah, the white (Impa's hair) and the red, possibly from the Skulltula family, if they are Sheikah. Another character that could be implied to this theory is the Postman from Majora's Mask (along with the Running Man), sharing red hair and closed eyes; if true this will make a link in the mailing tradition, shared also by the Rito. The supporting clue to this is, the Rito mailman Koboli, whose eyes are closed as the Skulltula family and his figurine states him being a descendant from a postman from "an age gone by".

A comment about it: This is the exact textual copy of the theory that stood long on the Sheikah article until February 17-18 of 2010. Was eliminated due to was taken in consideration an Japanese quote of Eiji Aonuma from the 2002 Zelda Box that says: We created the Rito as the evolved form of the Zora that appeared in "Ocarina of Time" and the Korogs as what the Kokiri became once they left the forest. They appear different, but they have inherited their blood. It was taken from discussion in a forum entry, the Rito being a direct evolution of Zora discard Sheikah evolution possibilities. Still I don't rely never on this kind of quotes, but coming from Aonuma is hard to discard. Anyway, the theory continues to leave the question "coincidence?" We will never know. Additionally, I forgot to remark in this theory that Baito the mailman, has an (Sheikah) eye tattoo, this couldn't be more suspicious.

The Wanted Man

In the Hidden Village signs, there always make an appearance a blurry image of a mustached cowboy-like man. First he appears in two signs that welcome to "Old Kakarico". Making this guy a highly possible Sheikah. But counteracting that representative and welcoming image, he also appears in "Wanted" Hylian language posters throughout the village, that ask for a bounty of "1,000 000 000" (surely Rupees). The problem is that there are no more clues about his persona.

Theorizing that he is a now known character, then if the posters were scattered by the Sheikah themselves, it could be concluded that he was traitor to the tribe and that this wanted man is someone like Bongo-Bongo or the one eyed man (it is important to denote that this is even more possible in thanks to the Split Time theory, because in Twilight Princess timeline, Bongo-Bongo wouldn't have been unsealed from his imprisonment and killed). If the minions of Zant were the ones that placed the posters when they invaded the village, then there could be one more Sheikah around Hyrule that we are unaware. Some even go as far to say he could have transformed into the Cucco Leader, the white cucco of the location, that seems to care about the village and its inhabitant cats.

There is always the possibility that the character was found and killed, so his identity is unknown for now, or that it could just be a move from the designers to give more American Old West atmosphere to the scenario.

A comment about it: I wrote this some time back in the Sheikah article but it was removed immediately. The theory is inconsistent an pointless to think, but curious anyway, and was at discussion on some Zelda forums (there are a few in Zeldauniverse.net). It Is nice to think on this kind of stuff when you are bored or consider there is nothing else to think about in TLoZ series.

Some Trivia

Here are some trivia, fancy ideas I got, more unofficial info and comments about other wikias. This section can be skipped for completely if you are really reading part of my user page.

  • In The Wind Waker there is an image of Tetra's mother in her ship, seriously.
  • Did you know that maybe Nintendo intended to use The Legend of Zelda to mirror Christian Crusades or Middle Age religion battles. In early games Link was related to Christianity (Artworks, a cross in the shield, etc.) and the Gerudo to Islam as their emblem in early Ocarina of Time resembled Islamic moon symbol. Also more religious and mythological themes reappear in the series, like the Flood similar to the Biblical one, Egyptian symbols in A Link to the Past, Manji-shaped dungeon in The Legend of Zelda, similarities between the Master Sword and Arthur's Stone in the Sword, the belief that silver killed demons like Silver Arrows to Ganon, Islamic chants in OOT Fire Temple, and many more. For more detail about it check Christianity and Controversy articles or ask me.
  • In Ocarina of Time Link is accepted in every race:
    • Born Hylian.
    • Raised as a Kokiri.
    • Darunia gives him the title as Sworn brother of the Gorons.
    • "Prince of the Zoras" at least for Princess Ruto.
    • Got the title as a male Gerudo…
    • There is missing Sheikah connection, but in the manga Impa pierce his ears a rite of passage of the Shadow Folk.
  • Did you know that a big majority of users in Zelda.wiki.org say our wikia should be fandom wikia due to fancy info? Well I complained about an non-argumented theory in their Sheikah article, that stated that the Stone of Agony was a Sheikah relic (and that the Stone along the Mask and the Lens of Truth formed the Trinity of Truth). For ME it's just not only and unsupported theory, it's also an useless one.
  • Sheikah is the best race XD.

Theory warning: Theories end here.

Top Ten

My Top 10 section:


  1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  2. Chrono Trigger
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
  4. Perfect Dark (with Goldeneye 007)
  5. Residen Evil 4
  6. Super Smash Bros. (SSB, Melee and Brawl)
  7. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
  8. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
  9. Super Mario 64
  10. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Other notable games:

  • Star Wars: Episode I Racer (was my first game)
  • Banjo-Tooie (with Banjo-Kazooie)
  • Donkey Kong 64
  • Pokémon Silver
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
  • Fallout 3

Zelda Games

  1. Ocarina of Time
  2. Majora's Mask
  3. A Link to the Past (is incredible, but I've never finished it)
  4. The Wind Waker
  5. Twilight Princess
  6. Link's Awakening
  7. Minish Cap
  8. Oracle of Ages
  9. Oracle of Seasons
  10. Phantom Hourglass

Outside Zeldapedia

External links

If you want to do a research, keep updated with last news of The Legend of Zelda series, theorize and discuss with others, or just visit new sites, then, here I leave you some nice websites you should check:

  • Zelda Legends: Good fan site, this one is highly recommended for visiting , is full of resources, if you want to check text dumps, instruction booklets, magazines, guides,some theories and thoughts, and a lot more about Zelda go there.
  • Zelda Informer: If you want constantly updated news, curious facts and funny stuff check this one. Additionally, really good theory articles too.
  • Zelda Universe: Maybe one of the largest Zelda communities, probably too large, the forum goes from the silliest stuff, like "What name you use to play Tingle games?" to religious confrontation originated from hard Zelda theories. Also good media downloads.
  • GameFAQs: Just the most direct, good and simple walkthroughs, you can find there some nice text dumps too.
  • The Desert Colossus: This one has a big compendium of really curiosities and information, and is like it has a different side of view for things, if you want to know details of Hylian language or just like to read mysteries or to know in full detail about something you like of the series, just check it.

Another ones everyone should care but maintaining distance from them:

  • Zelda Wiki: This wikia is probably the rival of Zeldapedia, if somethings you see there is copied from our wikia it should be pointed out, if you want to discuss it, be free to talk about their "super-fact info" system of their wikia.
  • Zelda.com:Hmm… how to say this… This is just the most commercial and untrusted page, and even so, this is the official page of the The Legend of Zelda universe. So did you find something important in there? Well, it is highly debatable and worst taken that the Miyamoto crazy theories of the '90s. Even thought, is official, and is plausible to support some ideas with it.
  • Zelda Fanon: O.o just the biggest collection of unsupported, unimportant, and fantastic Zelda fanfictions you'll ever read, if one night you're are really really bored, or want to read something about Chuck Norris and Princess Zelda or have and idea of a story about Hyrule write it there, it has no boundaries, there are a few (a few) good articles after all.

Zelda videos

Here some YouTube videos I've recollected about the Zelda series, this videos weren't made by me nor I'm related to them, so give credit and comment to their respective users in YouTube. Hope you like them:

Best Zelda artwork ever:

Oracle of Seasons/Ages Commercial:

First Seen Twilight Princes E3 of 2004, Crowd Reaction:

A funny Zelda animation:

Zelda funny pictures:

Zelda creatures at Spore:

An incredible Zelda CG:

Papercraft Link:

The most inspiring intro ever:


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