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Zelda games I've played

These are in the order that I started playing them. The order I finished playing them is the same except for the fact that I finished Link's Awakening before Twilight Princess.

Ocarina of Time: Completed five times. Most recent playthrough was 100%, but none of the others.

Majora's Mask: Completed nine times, five most recent being 100%. Considered 6-day challenge, haven't followed through yet.

The Wind Waker: Completed six times. Most recent playthrough was 100% (including Figurines), but none of the others.

The Minish Cap: Completed four times, two most recent being 100%.

Twilight Princess: Completed four times, all 100%.

Link's Awakening: Completed five times, two most recent being 100%.

Phantom Hourglass: Completed two times, both of which may as well have been 100% even though I made a big deal out of not getting all the ship parts for god knows what reason.

Adventure of Link: Started game, never continued. Not currently planning to. Ever. And I'd like to stress that very much.

Oracle of Ages: Completed three and a half times (one not linked, one linked, and half return linked), most recent one being 100% except the rings which I insist should not be considered part of 100%. Half playthrough because I started a walkthrough which I have no immediate plans to finish.

Oracle of Seasons: Completed three times (one not linked, two linked), most recent one being 100% except rings.

A Link to the Past: Completed twice. Most recent playthrough was 100%, but not the other one.

Spirit Tracks: Completed once. May as well have been 100% except once again I never got all the train parts. Then again, who cares?

Skyward Sword: Completed three times with 100%.

A Link Between Worlds: Completed once with 100%.

The only games I haven't really played are the original Legend of Zelda, Four Swords, and Four Swords Adventures, which as of right now I have little to no interest in actually visiting.

Rank of Games

Ordered from best to worst. As a disclaimer, I have enjoyed all games except Zelda II, and all other games are considered good even if they are low on the list.

  1. Majora's Mask
  2. The Wind Waker
  3. Skyward Sword
  4. Ocarina of Time
  5. A Link Between Worlds
  6. Twilight Princess
  7. Oracle of Ages
  8. Oracle of Seasons
  9. A Link to the Past
  10. The Minish Cap
  11. Link's Awakening
  12. Spirit Tracks
  13. Phantom Hourglass
  14. The Adventure of Link

Random Opinions

These are some random opinions I have about the Zelda series. It regards certain issues that Zelda fans talk about a lot (or, in some cases, issues that nobody talks about but me). If you disagree, you can put something on my talk page as long as you stay civil.

  • I don't really find Tingle annoying. As opposed to characters that pretend that they're goofy and kid-friendly (like, say, Dodoh), Tingle always just seemed kind of delusional to me, in a "wow, what a sad, pathetic little man" sort of way.
  • Navi isn't really annoying either. I guess I'm just numb to it or something.
  • Midna should never come back, and here's why. First off, the Mirror of Twilight was destroyed, so Nintendo would have to come up with some really lame excuse for her to come back; and as many plot contrivances as there are in the series, I'm not particularly keen on adding to the pile. More to the point, though, Midna's story has already been told. She goes from being an insensitive anti-hero to a soft-hearted protagonist and if she came back she'd not have a whole lot of capacity for growth. Then again, the series isn't really known for its character development, so meh.
  • I know he's semi-popular in the fandom, but I honestly feel like Zant is a pretty shitty villain. Now, I don't actually mind that he went crazy, because plenty of villains do, but with Zant, it was too sudden and too forced. There were no scenes of him gradually going crazy, not even five seconds of him screaming about you ruining all his plans. He just has one personality in the first half of the game and has another, different personality dumped on him in the other half. I mean, what's the point? It almost feels like they were two different characters and at some point they decided to make a composite of the two or something.
  • The Hyrule Historia is garbage. That is all.


Zelda II will not be counted because while I can say it's my least favorite Zelda game in a general sense, it would be unfair to judge any of its specific criteria considering I've played almost none of the game. (Of course, Phantom Hourglass neatly fits into the second worst slot for each category so I'm not sure I really fixed the problem, but whatever.)


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Gameplay Skyward Sword Majora's Mask The Wind Waker Phantom Hourglass
Plot The Wind Waker Skyward Sword Twilight Princess Phantom Hourglass
Graphical Style The Wind Waker Skyward Sword Majora's Mask Phantom Hourglass
Music Majora's Mask The Wind Waker Skyward Sword Phantom Hourglass
Characters Majora's Mask The Wind Waker Skyward Sword Phantom Hourglass
World Great Sea Termina Hyrule (Ocarina of Time) New Hyrule
Overall Majora's Mask The Wind Waker Skyward Sword Phantom Hourglass
Non-Zelda Game The Last of Us BioShock Infinite Banjo-Tooie Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
LA Character Mabe Village Shopkeeper Nostalgic Ghost Boomerang Dealer Hippo
ALttP Character Lockpicker Flute Boy Blind Sahasrahla
OoT Character Ghost Hunter Sheik Running Man Talon
MM Character Happy Mask Salesman Skull Kid Ghost Hunter Madame Aroma
OoA Character Ralph Cap'n Nayru Impa
OoS Character Cap'n Onox Maple Impa
TWW Character Niko Tetra Salvatore Maggie's Father
TP Character Midna Shad Malo Falbi
ST Character Linebeck III Byrne Princess Zelda Rabbitland Rescue Man
SS Character Groose Beedle Rupin Dodoh
Villain Majora Dark Link Ghirahim Zant
Male Character Happy Mask Salesman Groose Linebeck Dodoh
Female Character Midna Tetra Impa (Skyward Sword) Peatrice


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
ALttP Dungeon Ice Palace Thieves' Town Swamp Palace Skull Woods
OoT Dungeon Shadow Temple Water Temple Forest Temple Dodongo's Cavern
MM Dungeon Stone Tower Temple Snowhead Temple Woodfall Temple Great Bay Temple
OoA Dungeon Moonlit Grotto Skull Dungeon Ancient Tomb Crown Dungeon
OoS Dungeon Explorer's Crypt Unicorn's Cave Sword & Shield Maze Dancing Dragon Dungeon
TWW Dungeon Forsaken Fortress Forbidden Woods Earth Temple Wind Temple
TP Dungeon Temple of Time Snowpeak Ruins Arbiter's Grounds Lakebed Temple
ST Dungeon Tower of Spirits Fire Temple Snow Temple Forest Temple
SS Dungeon Sandship Fire Sanctuary Earth Temple Sky Keep
ALBW Dungeon Desert Palace Lorule Castle Ice Ruins Swamp Palace
Final Dungeon Lorule Castle Ganon's Tower (The Wind Waker) Inside Ganon's Castle Ganon's Tower (A Link to the Past)
Overall Dungeon Stone Tower Temple Sandship Desert Palace (A Link Between Worlds) Lakebed Temple


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
LA Mini-boss Master Stalfos Grim Creeper Smasher Gohma
OoT Mini-boss Dark Link Iron Knuckle Dead Hand Flare Dancer
MM Mini-boss Garo Master Igos' Servants Gomess Dinofols
OoA Mini-boss Armos Warrior Smasher Vire Swoop
OoS Mini-boss Frypolar Vire Poes Agahnim
TWW Mini-boss Darknut Phantom Ganon Red Wizzrobe Mothula
TP Mini-boss Darknut Death Sword Ook Deku Toad
SS Mini-boss Stalmaster LD-002G Scervo Stalfos Magmanos
Overall Mini-boss Darknut (The Wind Waker) Phantom Ganon (The Wind Waker) Stalmaster Agahnim


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
ALttP Boss Arrghus Helmasaur King Trinexx Vitreous
LA Boss Slime Eel Genie Evil Eagle Façade
OoT Boss Bongo Bongo Volvagia Phantom Ganon King Dodongo
MM Boss Goht Igos du Ikana Gyorg Twinmold
OoA Boss Ramrock Shadow Hag Smog Head Thwomp
OoS Boss Gleeok Digdogger Gohma Manhandla
TWW Boss Molgera Kalle Demos Gohdan Gohma
TMC Boss Mazaal Big Octorok Gleerok Gyorg Pair
TP Boss Argorok Morpheel Stallord Fyrus
PH Boss Gleeok Dongorongo Diabolical Cubus Sisters Blaaz
ST Boss Byrne Demon Train Fraaz Phytops
SS Boss Ghirahim Koloktos Scaldera The Imprisoned
ALBW Boss Stalblind Margomill Dharkstare Grinexx
Final Boss Ganondorf (The Wind Waker) Demise Malladus Ganondorf (Twilight Princess)
Overall Boss Ganondorf (The Wind Waker) Ghirahim Koloktos Head Thwomp


List of Nonsensical Features in Zelda Games

This is a list of things that I find to be nonsensical concerning the series. I don't exactly expect answers to these, per se, but if you'd like to try to come up with your solutions feel free to do so on my talk page. I generally try to go for less obvious questions if only because the other ones have been asked to death. Questions that are striked out are ones that I've been given a satisfying answer to.

Oh, and if you've seen other people doing this, I'd like to point out that I started this trend. My pride is just overwhelming.

  1. How can the Gibdos be so incredibly stupid as to think that Link is one of them simply because his face looks like one of their faces?
  2. Why does the race with the Running Man in Ocarina of Time even exist?
  3. How does King Bulblin survive getting knocked off of 2 very high bridges?
  4. Where exactly did Tingle catchphrase ("Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-Limpah!") even come from?
  5. How can we hear Link screaming when he jumps in lava in Twilight Princess even when his mouth is already submerged?
  6. Why does Link need the Kafei's Mask to ask where Kafei is?
  7. How did Goht get frozen, when it's supposedly the source of the eternal winter?
  8. How does the Postman get to the end of the Cave of Ordeals?
  9. Why does Link play the guitar right-handed in Zora form?
  10. Why does Ganondorf use another Phantom Ganon in The Wind Waker when the one in Ocarina of Time failed so badly and was declared useless?
  11. How do people learn anything from something like "!*nh5"?
  12. How does Ralph know about the secret passage in the castle?
  13. Why does Lulu allow Deku Scrubs to set up businesses in her room, even after she gets her voice back?
  14. Why does the Postman need to draw a curtain in front of him when all he's doing is putting on his hat and backpack?
  15. Why do we always see the guard looking at the Rosa Sisters when they dance?
  16. Why doesn't the sun block near the Ancient Castle of Ikana automatically disappear from the natural sunlight?
  17. What exactly is up with Gillian and that Fishman? Are we to presume that Gillian dated a fish and if so...why?
  18. Why does the Forest Temple from Ocarina of Time, ostensibly themed after well, the forest, have so many undead enemies?
  19. Why does Tarin want to poke a beehive with a stick?
  20. What kind of parent would name their child "Guru-Guru"?
  21. How does Link see through Kamaro's Mask?
  22. Why is Sahasrahla found so far away from the village where he apparently lives?
  23. Why are there four eyes in the Vitreous fight that never do anything at all?
  24. Why does Spirit Tracks feature bunnies living in the ocean?
  25. Why are the clouds in Skyward Sword just a giant mass that never parts or turns into rain, but somehow lets sunlight through to the Surface?
  26. Since most Ancient Robots clearly perceive their surroundings as being from their own time period, wouldn't they perceive the activated Timeshift Stone in their vicinity as displaying something from an even further past? Or since they clearly don't, would they simply see the activated Timeshift Stone as being an unactivated one?
  27. On a similar topic, if Ancient Flowers can be taken out of a Timeshift Stone's vicinity and stay intact, why can't anything else?

Personal pages

Stuff I've made (or thought about making). Quick disclaimer: Games I've Played is the only one worth checking out. Everything else is abandoned or is otherwise complete garbage.

  • Games I've Played: A list of all the games in my collection.
  • Reviews: A place where reviews would go, if I had any reviews that I felt were worth keeping.
  • Majora's Mask Walkthrough: A 100% walkthrough of Majora's Mask I made. Currently a mess. Overhaul was considered, but then I went inactive and now the whole thing sucks. So there you have it.
  • Top Ten: What would be a top ten if it actually had any content to speak of.
  • My Zelda Game: Fanfiction game I made a long time ago. Could've been cool was but was ruined by lack of imagination when it comes to filler content. Also, I never completed it, so none of the actually interesting parts were ever recorded.
  • Oracle of Ages Walkthrough: The second walkthrough I attempted. I was planning to do a walkthrough on Oracle of Seasons afterward, but it turns out I never finished this one up anyway. Not sure if I'm even going to in the end. (If I did it would need to be revised to be of actual quality.)
  • Why Oracle of Ages Comes First: A list of reasons why it makes more sense for Oracle of Ages to come before Oracle of Seasons. I'm not really sure why I made this, but I still stick by what I said on that page.