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Cave of Ordeals

Sorry if it came out a little bit harsh, but several other admins and users usually change "you" to "Link" and other things similar, due to the guide-type feel that comes out of it. Seeing as how the entire edit seemed like that, it came to me as a little bit unprofessional. The edits are reverted and I changed some minor things. Sorry once again.--Naftaliash827

About featured articles

Hello Lessthan 1337. You may have already noticed but all featured articles so far have been removed of there featured status, leaving the Wiki with no Featured Articles. I would like to remind you to vote on a new featured article this week if you can or want to. If you are wondering how to do this please see this page for anything you could need to know about how to do this. Again if you are unable of unwilling to vote that is alright to. Anyways best regards.--ShutUpNavi 17:19, 25 November 2007 (UTC)

Rollback Rights

Triforce 14 — Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils...
Hi, I'm just informing you that your rollback rights have been removed due to your inactivity. Don't worry, this isn't a punishment of any kind, and your rights will be promptly restored should you choose to return to Zeldapedia. Thanks!

In the level 9 dungeon, the room to the left of the upper right corner doesn't have a door. It requires bombs on the south face. The map shows a locked door.