Vaati (風の魔神グフー Kaze No Majin Gufū, Demonic Wind Spirit Gufuu) is a major antagonist and boss from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. He is the penultimate boss of the game and can be found at the end of the Palace of Winds, the third stage of the Realm of the Heavens.


In the first part of the battle, Vaati floats above the ground on a whirlwind. If Link gets trapped in it, he gets sucked up, losing Force Gems until he is thrown out of the top. To damage Vaati, Link must throw one of the Bomb Flowers located on the edge of the arena into the whirlwind. If the bomb is timed right, it will explode on Vaati, releasing Force Gems.

After three hits, Vaati removes the whirlwind and attacks Link with rings of dark energy balls. In order to damage Vaati now, Link must fall down the center pit into the cannon, fire himself above Vaati, and do a Downthrust on top of him. Vaati then retreats below-ground. Here, he is vulnerable to standard sword strikes but will shoot energy balls at Link and rush at him. If Link still has a Bow from earlier in the dungeon, he can stun Vaati momentarily with Arrows. After sustaining enough damage, Vaati is destroyed. The Realm of the Heavens begins to collapse since it is unable to hold its form without the aid of Vaati's magic. As Link and Princess Zelda retreat to the Tower of Winds, a shadowy mass is seen leaving the palace.