"Ah, I'm so glad you've come to see me, Link. You look like you've been just about everywhere in Hyrule, huh? But say... Have you been to Veil Falls? I hear no one has ever found the source of water that feeds the falls. So if that's where you're going, promise me you'll be careful!"

Veil Falls is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. It is a region of Hyrule, and Veil Springs is located at the top of the falls. Veil Falls serves as the gateway to the Cloud Tops, where the Wind Tribe moved their Tower up high above Hyrule. The entrance to Veil Falls is dubbed the "source of the flow" in Hyrule or, in other words, the source of Hyrule's water supply that runs all the way into Lake Hylia. Biggoron is located on the top of the mountain bordering the falls where he gives Link the Mirror Shield.


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Link travels to the Royal Valley in search of a way to find the Wind Element and receives the golden Kinstone Piece from King Gustaf's ghost, who tells him to seek out the "source of the flow" to find the Wind Element, meaning Link has to go to Veil Falls. Link finally realizes, with Ezlo's assistance, that the "source of the flow" in Hyrule is the entrance to Veil Falls and discovers the secret route to the Cloud Tops atop Veil Springs. Link uses the passage of Veil Falls to seek out the Wind Tribe and claim the Wind Element from the Palace of Winds.

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The "source of the flow" that leads up through the caverns behind the falls can only be opened when the missing Kinstone piece, kept by King Gustaf in Royal Valley, is fused with the piece left within the door itself. When this piece is fitted into the door, it yields passage to the source of water for Veil Falls, Veil Springs. At the very top of Veil Springs is a updraft that will send a bystander up to the Cloud Tops and set them on the path to the Wind Tribe's settlement. The Wind Tribe, being King Gustaf's chosen favorite of Hyrule's other tribes, gifted him with the Kinstone piece necessary to find their settlement and subsequently the Wind Element they guarded in their Palace of Winds.