"You got the Water Dragon's Scale! This sacred gift left by the goddess grants you the power to explore underwater and even execute a spin maneuver!"
— In-game description
The Water Dragon's Scale Icon

The Water Dragon's Scale is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Link receives this item in the Silent Realm of Faron Woods. It is first of the Three Sacred Gifts left by the Goddess Hylia to aid Link in his quest to find the Sacred Flames. It allows him to dive and swim freely underwater; when swimming, he can execute a spin that causes a burst of speed, which can damage or knock back certain enemies and destroy blockades of planks. Spinning also allows him to shoot out of the water, allowing him to land on high platforms. Executing spins, however, significantly drains Link's supply of air.


"Zora headgear made from dragon scales. Increase swimming speed and allows you to use Spin Attack."
Zora Helm description from Breath of the Wild
The Zora Helm made from Dragon scales from Breath of the Wild

In Breath of the Wild, the Zora Helm is said to be made of Dragon scales and grants Link the ability to perform a variant of the Spin Attack while swimming which resembles the spin maneuver used by Link after obtaining the Water Dragon's Scale. Additionally the Zora Greaves are said to have been crafted with dragon scales as well.

Thus the Zora Helm and Zora Greaves' descriptions may be a reference to the Water Dragon's Scale from Skyward Sword.

Non-Canon Appearances

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Hyrule Warriors/Legends

Hyrule Warriors Zora Scale Water Dragon's Scale (Level 3 Zora Scale).png

The Water Dragon's Scale appears as Princess Ruto's Level 3 weapon as part of her Zora Scale moveset. Interestingly, it is considered a Zora Scale in the Hyrule Warriors series.

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