Western Coast is a region located in southwestern Holodrum in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Lying southwest of Horon Village, it runs all the way to the western border of Holodrum.

The terrain consists of steep cliffs running down to the shoreline. There are Octoroks in the cliffs and Crabs on the shore itself. The Hero's Cave can be found here, as can an island where a monster called the Black Beast sleeps. The island is protected by a bridge that requires that a Torch be lit with the help of an Ember Seed in order for Link to access it.

There is a fallen bridge connecting the eastern part of the Western Coast with the western part. The western part can't be accessed until the Piratians have anchored their ship where the bridge used to be, allowing Link to use the ship to cross it. In the area is also a mysterious abandoned house and a cave leading up to the Graveyard.


The Western Coast