The Western Wood is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. It lies adjacent to southern Hyrule Field, Castor Wilds, and the Trilby Highlands. Here, Link encounters Percy, a poet who comes home from his vacation in Hyrule Town to find that his house inhabited by a strange woman. She keeps the home very dark, and the timid Percy does not dare order the lady to leave his house nor turn the lights on. Instead, he asks Link to do something about the situation. If Link uses his Flame Lantern to light the torches in the house, the strange woman transforms into her true shape; that of a Moblin, and tells Link not to tell anyone in exchange for one hundred Rupees. If Link speaks to Percy afterwards, Link will receive a large number of Mysterious Shells which the Moblin, apparently, left behind.

Enemies that inhabit the Western Wood include Moblins, Crows, Octoroks and Keatons. There are also several bent trees found in the wood, which require different Kinstone fusions to move.

A large number of Rupees can be found in the two small areas which are blocked by fallen trees. Mole Mitts are required to dig them up.

There is a Forest Minish that lives at the southern end of the woods, fusing a Kinstone with him will cause the Bean Stalk next to his house to grow.

A certain Kinstone fusion will remove the thorns which block the entrance to one of the trees, in which a Piece of Heart is hidden.