"The people who built the Wind Ruins. They now live above the clouds, suspended by their own magic ability to control the wind."

Ezlo states that the Tribe of the Winds have left for the Heavens, leavinng behind the remains of what once was the Temple of the Winds.

The Wind Tribe is a race from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. They originally resided in the Fortress of Winds, located in the Wind Ruins in southwestern Hyrule. The entire Tribe later moved into the skies, and built a Tower among the Cloud Tops, where they guarded the Palace of Winds which contained the Wind Element. Before they left for the skies, this race was highly regarded by, and close friends with the King of Hyrule, Gustaf.

The Wind Tribe is skilled at finding kinstones and seems to have a connection with the Minish, who built the Armos that guard the Wind Ruins. They also created the Ocarina of Wind.

The Wind Tribe is also more technologically advanced than any other community in Hyrule at the time, as they were able to make a propulsion system capable of lifting a city into the sky above a mountaintop for over a century.

"Long have we lived with the winds. We have mastered them. Now, we join them."
— Tablet



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Extermination by Vaati

At some point after the events of The Minish Cap, the Wind Tribe may have been killed or forced out by Vaati. Vaati is seen dwelling in Vaati's Palace during The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, a location which appears very similar to the Palace of Winds in The Minish Cap, and dwells in a place which is actually named the Palace of Winds during The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. The Wind Tribe is not seen in either of these areas.

However, there may be a connection between the Wind Tribe and the Oocca. Both races are affiliated with the wind and live in the sky, both were shown to live on the surface for a time, and both created advanced forms of technology such as the Cane of Pacci and the devices seen in the Wind Ruins (Wind Tribe) and the Dominion Rod/Sky Cannon (Ooca). The Wind Tribe may have been the human ancestors of the Oocca before ascending to the Cloud Tops, or may have otherwise been in contact with them at some point. If the former is true, and if Vaati did try to exterminate the Wind Tribe, some of them must have escaped to give rise to the Ooca.


Although their origins is not determined, the most probable connection is the people of Skyloft, who lived in the sky prior to the events of Minish Cap. While some people may have settled on The Surface, some may have chose to remain in The Sky.

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