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Wind and Earth Temples is a stage from the Era of the Great Sea that appears in Hyrule Warriors Legends. Due to the warping of time and space, the Wind and Earth Temples from the Era of the Great Sea have become merged into a single location. It is where the final battle with the main antagonist of the Era of the Great Sea story arc takes place. The stage's background music is Molgera's theme from The Wind Waker.

Watchers of the Triforce

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Following the defeat of Dark Cia by Link and his allies (Tetra, King Daphnes, Lana, and a reformed Cia), they confront Phantom Ganon in the merged Wind and Earth Temples. Together they manage to defeat Phantom Ganon, reclaiming the Triforce of Power he had stolen from Lana. Following the battle, Lana and Cia split the Triforce of Power between themselves and together return to post they once occupied as part of the Guardian of Time watching over the Triforce. The warping of time and space from Phantom Ganon's misuse of the Triforce of Power is repaired, with Tetra and King Daphnes returning to the Era of the Great Sea.

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Map of the Wind and Earth Temples from Wind Waker: Watchers of the Triforce
  • Earth Plaza
  • Wind Plaza
  • Faces Keep
  • Rock Keep
  • North Mine Keep
  • South Mine Keep

Sage Keeps

  • NW Sage Keep
  • NE Sage Keep
  • SW Sage Keep
  • SE Sage Keep

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