"So, from this moment forward I shall honor our merchant's oath by sending shipments of my product to the Windfall Island Shop."
Traveling Merchant

The Windfall Island Shop is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Located under the Cafe Bar on Windfall Island, it is owned and operated by Zunari.


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When Link first arrives on Windfall Island, he needs a sail for the King of Red Lions. After looking around the island, he finds that the Windfall Island Shop is selling one for 80 Rupees. After purchasing it, Link can successfully set sail for Dragon Roost Island.

Later, the Windfall Island Shop plays a big role in the quest for the Shop Guru Statue. Link can obtain certain items from Zunari and trade them to the Traveling Merchants to commit them to the Merchant's Oath. This produces more items in the trading sequence. Once Link has collected all of the items, he can obtain the Shop Guru Statue. As Link acquires more statues, Zunari extends his shop with more stalls.

After Link rescues Aryll, Maggie and Mila from the Forsaken Fortress, Mila begins working at the Windfall Island Shop to make money. At night, she tries to break into Zunari's safe in order to steal some Rupees, but she is eventually tracked down and cornered by Link. She pleads for Link to listen to her tale of woe, and eventually, she realizes her mistake and decides to make up for it by working even harder. As thanks for helping her move on with her life, she gives Link a bottle.

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Item Price
Big Catch Flag 85 Rupees
Big Sale Flag 35 Rupees
Exotic Flower 25 Rupees
Fountain Idol 60 Rupees
Hero's Flag 75 Rupees
Pinwheel 55 Rupees
Postman Statue 100 Rupees
Sail 80 Rupees
Sea Flower 20 Rupees
Shop Guru Statue 200 Rupees
Sickle Moon Flag 40 Rupees
Skull Tower Idol 60 Rupees
Town Flower 10 Rupees

Other appearances

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Hyrule Warriors Legends

The Windfall Island Shop appears as a Keep in the Windfall Island section of the Forsaken Fortress stage.

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