The Woods of Winter is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. A region of Holodrum, it lies directly east of Eyeglass Lake, and south of the Sunken City. Thanks to General Onox's reign over Holodrum, the ongoing season in the Woods of Winter is autumn, despite its name. Link needs the Rod of Seasons to restore winter to the forest; once winter returns, the many small lakes freeze over, and the accessible area expands greatly.

It is in the Woods of Winter that Link first meets Rosa, and finds a portal leading to the underground country of Subrosia. It is also here that Link finds the second dungeon, Snake's Remains, the entrance to which becomes blocked once he uses the Rod of Seasons to bring back winter; Link has to acquire the shovel in order to reach the dungeon.

The Woods of Winter contain a Mystery Seed tree and a Fairy Pond.


The Woods of Winter