A Yook

Yooks are a race from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. They are Yeti-like creatures that inhabit the Isle of Frost along with the Anouki. According to the Anouki, the Yooks are liars and have been their rivals for a long time. About 100 years prior to the events of Phantom Hourglass the two tribes signed a Peace Agreement. Despite this, shortly before Link reaches the island, a Crazy Yook kidnapped an Anouki named Aroo, and disguised himself as Aroo, effectively taking his place and infiltrating the Anouki Estates. However, Link eventually exposes the Yook and drives him out.

When Link initially enters the Great Ice Field (where the Yooks reside), the Yooks are hostile and attack him with clubs and icy breath. Link needs to defeat the six Guardians of the Great Ice Field before he can enter the Temple of Ice. This can be achieved by throwing a Bomb into a Yook's mouth as it inhales before its attack. The Bomb will detonate in its stomach, and Link must slash it with his sword while it is stunned to kill it. After Link slays Gleeok in the Temple of Ice, the Yook become friendly and claim that they were under a curse.


Yook may be a play on the Japanese word Yuki. Yuki is Japanese for snow.

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