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Yuga is a recurring boss in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Yuga is fought three times in total: once as the boss of the Eastern Palace, once Inside Hyrule Castle, and once in Lorule Castle after fusing with Ganon and becoming Yuga Ganon.


Eastern Palace

In the first battle, Yuga and Link fight in a circular room with a pit at its center. Yuga fires magical bolts at Link to damage him and merges into the wall to avoid him. In order to damage Yuga, Link must stand across from Yuga and fire an arrow from his bow.

Inside Hyrule Castle

In this battle, Yuga creates two identical clones of himself, and all three merge into the walls and move around to confuse Link. If Link attacks one of Yuga's doubles instead of the real one, the double will transform into a soldier. Link must track the real Yuga's movements through the walls and attack him to deal damage. If Link loses track of Yuga's movements, he can also identify the clones by looking at their staffs - the real Yuga is the only one who has energy emitting from the tip of his staff. Yuga and his clones will unleash one of two types of magic attacks if Link takes too long to attack them, or he attacks one of the others. The two possible attacks are a line of lightning bolts that arc from one end of the room to the other, and flames that emerge from the walls and move around the room.

After taking several blows, Yuga will be defeated once again, forcing him to retreat.

Lorule Castle

Main article: Yuga Ganon

The final battle with Yuga takes place after he has fused with Ganon, creating Yuga Ganon and making him far more powerful than before. The battle is split into two phases.

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