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"Join with me! Let us destroy all ugliness in this world or any other! We shall be TRULY superior!"
— Yuga

Yuga Ganon is the final boss of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. This incarnation of the demon king is the result of the sorcerer Yuga taking over the body and mind of Ganon.

After kidnapping the Seven Sages and Princess Zelda by transforming them into paintings, Yuga uses them to revive Ganon, with whom he fuses in order to acquire the Triforce of Power, as well as gain Ganon's trident and powerful demonic form.

In his first phase, Yuga will swipe at Link with his trident and occasionally throw it at him to deal damage. After taking several blows, Yuga will usually teleport away and reappear somewhere else in the arena. When badly damaged, Yuga will also teleport away and drop several orbs of dark energy on Link, who must move around the arena to avoid the damaging explosions they make upon contact with the ground. After several orbs have fallen, Yuga will return to the battle and continue his other attack patterns.

Second Phase

Yuga joined with Ganon after stealing the Triforce of Wisdom

The second phase of the battle begins when the apparently defeated Yuga is ordered by Princess Hilda to give the Triforce of Power to her; however, Yuga absorbs her Triforce of Wisdom by transforming her into a painting, which he swallows. More powerful than ever due to possessing two pieces of the Triforce pieces, Yuga attacks by launching large energy balls at Link, who must counter by playing Dead Man's Volley with the projectiles. When Yuga fails to deflect his attack, he will retreat into the wall. At this point, Princess Zelda's portrait gifts Link with the Bow of Light. Link must then merge into the wall, face Yuga, and fire a Light Arrow. Repeating this process three times will defeat Yuga.

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